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Interactive Quality Management training courses developed to give practical skills for new and experienced auditors

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TSW Training is a leading provider of quality auditing courses, supporting organisations in the development, implementation and maintenance of effective Quality Management Systems.

Our most popular quality auditing courses (using ISO 9001 as the base standard for training) include the CQI and IRCA accredited:

Both course places are available on our course calendar

We also offer other Quality Management and Business Improvement solutions, exclusively for your organisation via our in-house training service. These are:

  • 18th Edition Training Course – this electrical industry recognised 18th Edition course is perfect if you’re new to industry or updating your existing qualifications
  • Lean Awareness Training – introduce Lean Manufacturing Principles into an established organisation

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As a business, why should you care about quality and business improvement?

We believe quality management and continuous improvement are a cornerstone of a successful business. Quality applies to every product, service, process, task or action made within an organisation and a quality management system, such as ISO9001:2015, can enhance a company’s brand and reputation in the eyes of stakeholders, protect against risks, increase efficiencies and boost profits.

Read our latest Quality Management training course reviews

The Tutor(Jam) was really good with a mix of knowledge and a excellent way of gaining the attention of all course attendees
Christopher E May 23, 2023
Great course with a lot of content covered over two days.
Charlotte K April 19, 2023
the course was interesting and the instructor Jam was very good and knowledgeable kept everyone involved and helped give us a better understanding when needed.
Richard W February 1, 2023
Trainer very knowledgeable guy well delivered course.
Carl A January 25, 2023

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Awarding Body
Awarding Body
CQI and IRCA Certified Internal Auditor Course (18026)
- A 2 Day Course
- From £600+VAT Per Person
Get certification as a CQI & IRCA Internal Auditor for ISO9001:2015.



**Also available in-house, exclusively for your organisation.**

CQI and IRCA Certified Lead Auditor Course (18020)
- A 5 Day Course
- From £1100+VAT Per Person
Focus on the key elements of ISO 9001:2015 including process management, measurement and improvement.

**Also available in-house, exclusively for your organisation.**

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Lean Awareness Training
- A 1 Day Course
- From £250+VAT Per Person
Introduce Lean Manufacturing Principles into an established organisation.



**Also available in-house, exclusively for your organisation.**

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