ILM Level 3 in Leadership and Management

The perfect qualification for new, aspiring and practising line-managers and supervisors. Develop the knowledge and skills to become a high performing manager

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What is an ILM Level 3 in Leadership and Management Qualification?

An ILM level 3 in Leadership and Management is a recognised qualification for line managers, team leaders and supervisors. It offers the perfect development opportunity for new, existing and aspiring managers that have to lead teams and manage functions in their workplace.

Whether taking a level 3 award, certificate or diploma qualification, you can rest assured that you are investing in a highly practical management training course that will give you the knowledge, skills and understanding to manage people, tasks and projects effectively.

The qualification can only be delivered by an approved ILM centre, that has been through a stringent quality assurance process.

How long does it take to complete?

An ILM award can be completed in just three days.

On our open programme, we run the ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management, which is run over 3 days in a classroom setting, or over 6 half days as an online virtual course via Microsoft Teams.

If you are looking for an in-house ILM Level 3, run exclusively for your business, then the number of days can vary significantly depending on the units and content you wish to cover. 

We will work with you to understand your organisational objectives and develop an ILM 3 programme to meet your specific needs.

Supporting your journey to management excellence

Our ILM-approved tutors provide ongoing support and mentorship, ensuring the best possible outcomes for individuals and organisations

How much does an ILM Level 3 cost?

ILM level 3 course fees vary according to the which length of course you choose.

Average Open Programme Prices

  • ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management (3 days plus) = From £895+VAT
  • ILM Level 3 Certificate in Leadership and Management (5 days plus) = From £1,495+VAT
  • ILM Level 3 Diploma in Leadership and Management = (9 days plus) = From £1,975+VAT

The price you pay for course attendance is all-inclusive.

You're registered with ILM and receive all your course materials. If you take your course virtually (online) then all systems access is included. When attending a classroom course you will get unlimited tea, coffee and biscuits plus a buffet lunch (Availability dependent on COVID-19 restrictions).

*Also included is free studying membership with the Institute of Leadership and Management.

In-house Prices

Prices vary significantly depending on the units you wish to cover and what your organisation wishes to achieve through this training.

Normally, the price is made up of a delivery day rate plus ILM registration fees and Administrative costs.

*You may incur design fees if you require the tailoring of existing content to meet your requirements. This can include organisation specific case study development, contextualisation etc. TSW can advise on tailoring and provide a cost proposal as required.

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Who is the ILM Level 3 for?

ILM Level 3 is designed for leaders and managers in any sector. Typical roles held by people attending the course include:

  1. First-line manager
  2. Office manager
  3. Team leader
  4. Supervisor

It is great for career development and used by many managers as a stepping stone to more senior roles. Many students who attend level 3 go on to complete the ILM Level 5 in Leadership and Management, the next step in their learning journey.

It is the perfect course for those looking to learn and develop their skills in people and performance management.  

Why choose TSW for your ILM Level 3?

We are a leadership and management specialist training provider.

#1 Management fundamentals

Our ILM Level 3 programme is designed to give your people the skills, knowledge and understanding to become high performing managers that can adapt to the many challenges that face them in the workplace and beyond

#2 Flexible delivery to suit you

ILM qualifications can be delivered via our open course calendar or exclusively for your organisation (in-house ILM qualifications), online or in-person.

#3 A non-academic approach

We are required by ILM to cover a range of theories and models, we always ensure that our delivery allows your people to understand how to apply them in their own role and organisation. Our focus is on what we can do in the real world, not in a classroom 

Your ILM experience with TSW

To make sure you have an excellent experience during leadership and management training, we ask every learner what they thought about our ILM Level 3. We apply their feedback to improve our service.

Read TSW ILM Level 3 reviews

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What content does the course cover?

When investing in ILM courses you are faced with a number of choices for your learning. The first choice to be made is whether you wish to study an award (shortest qualification), certificate or a diploma (longest qualification). Once you have decided this you need to find a training course that includes the content you need.

Units in this qualification fall into seven broad areas, they are:

  1. Core management skills – Understanding how to organise and delegate, decision making, coaching etc.
  2. Ability to perform management tasks –Project management, leading meetings etc.
  3. Team leadership – Motivating people toward high performance, providing vision and goals etc.
  4. Change and innovation – Planning and managing change, creating an innovation culture etc.
  5. A Range of Communications skills - Having difficult conversations, managing conflict in the workplace etc.
  6. People management and relationships - negotiation, networking, building rapport etc.
  7. Leadership – understand leadership, leadership style, using action learning to develop leadership capabilities etc.

Work with your employer or training provider to map units to your needs and skills gaps. To see the units you can choose from you can see ILM's Level 3 Guide.

Content on TSW's open ILM management course (See scheduled course dates)

TSW provides the ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management. This is the most accessible route to gaining the level 3 qualification, with just three days learning delivery and two short assignments.

The units and content you will cover in our award programme include:

Unit One - Leading and Motivating a Team Effectively

  • Vision, mission and strategy and what they mean for first-line management
  • Understanding leadership and leadership styles
  • Developing team objectives that support overall strategy and vision
  • Creating a common sense of purpose that links to vision and strategy
  • Using effective communication to convey the overall mission of the organisation
  • Effective techniques for communicating vision, goals and objectives
  • The critical importance of motivation and creating commitment toward objectives
  • Theories of motivation and motivation factors, with a deep dive on how these can be used to manage people more effectively in a variety of situations
  • Principles and practice of giving feedback on performance to optimise development and results
  • Basic support needs that people may have and how to meet these
  • The importance of continuous development for the team and individual members

Unit Two - Understanding Performance Management

  • First-line management responsibilities for managing performance and meeting objectives
  • Identifying the causes of poor performance in the context of own organisation (lack of skills, lack of knowledge, poor motivation, lack of incentives, lack of information etc)
  • Formal and informal performance assessment at work
  • Ways to ensure fair and objective assessment (including objectives and ongoing monitoring)
  • Planning for effective, valid and reliable assessments
  • Roles and responsibilities in the process
  • What makes an appropriate performance assessment record
  • How to conduct a formal assessment (i.e.appraisals, one-to-ones)
  • The relevance of objectives, and how to set them properly
  • How to set performance standards for individuals and groups (KPI’s, Benchmarking, Objectives etc.)
  • Tools and techniques for measuring performance against agreed standards
  • A range of methods for measuring performance and how to select the ideal one
  • Techniques for monitoring and evaluation
  • A range of performance improvement methods

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In-house course content tailored for your organisation

Tailored ILM Level 3 Content for In-house Training

There are a large number of units to choose from, all covering different content. To see how ILM qualifications can be designed for you, take a look at ILM's Level 3 Qualification in Leadership and Management Guide.

TSW can work closely with you to decide what learning is needed by your people, in order to meet your objectives. We can advise on the units that will best meet your needs and work on developing an ILM training programme that provides the impact you are looking for, not just the certificates.

Most of the organisations we work with choose the level 3 certificate, as it provides enough content and learning to meet their needs, and provides the flexibility to pick several units.

Pre-Course Preparation

There is no pre-course preparation required for this award; though TSW encourages learners to consider the units outlined and how they relate to your workplace and experiences.

Delegates are requested to complete a pre-training questionnaire that will be handed to the tutor before the first day of the course. This ensures that the learning experience is of the highest quality and is relevant to the learner's needs and objectives.

Assessment of our open programme award course:

If attending our open programme management ILM you will be required to complete two assignments for each of the following units:

  • Assignment 1: Leading and motivating a team effectively
  • Assignment 2: Understanding performance management

The great thing about these assessments is that they are focussed on your job and your workplace. You will be discussing your business and how you lead and manage within it. The course is highly practical and will encourage you to develop action plans for your ongoing development and learning.

Benefits Gained from the ILM Leadership and Management Level 3

For Individuals

  • Develop a range of key management skills and put them into practice in your workplace and role.
  • Build your leadership capabilities - motivate and engage teams and manage relationships confidently
  • Develop your leadership and management skills using your own knowledge, values and motivations

For Employers

  • Effective and confident first-line managers that make an immediate impact in the workplace
  • Better relationships and communication in and across teams
  • Managers with the tools to develop their own professional skills and abilities

Your delivery options

This management ILM course can be delivered in a range of training formats.


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is ILM level 3 equivalent to? chevron

An ILM Level 3 is a vocational qualification that is equivalent to:

  • A-Levels
  • GCE in applied subjects
  • International Baccalaureate
  • NVQs at Level 3
  • BTEC at Level 3

An academic qualification may be above or below the correct vocational qualification level for you. For example, you may have a maths degree at level 6 but if you are new to a leadership and management role then you will likely need a lower level vocational qualification at level 3 or 5.

Similarly, you may have GCSEs (at level 2) and yet because of your level of real-world management experience you could be ready to take an ILM qualification above the GCSE level.

ILM Level 3 in Leadership and Management Dates

You can start an ILM Level 3 with TSW almost straightaway. To book your place on any of the course dates you can either book online or enquire to discuss and book offline.

We have various training venues with courses running, subject to availability. We also have virtual online ILM courses, you can see these courses by selecting 'virtual learning' in the location filter below.

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    ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management

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    ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management

    Duration: 5 sessions
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    £895 + VAT per attendee
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      10th December 2021
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