In-House Training

Delivering in-house training courses globally for 55 years. Precisely designed and expertly delivered.

In-House Training is About Our Partnership

TSW Training is an expert in diagnosing learning needs and designing outcome-focused solutions to suit every budget, but don’t let that fool you into thinking we are a stuffy corporate learning provider – we are anything but!

We believe that the best outcomes originate from good relationships and partnerships, ones with mutual benefit. From the moment we receive your initial enquiry, we will go above and beyond to build a relationship with you and your organisation. We will strive to understand what matters to you and how we can work with you to achieve your goals.

We also understand, that sometimes, you might just want a course delivered – we can do that too!

In-House Training Courses We Offer:

Our sole focus is on achieving the outcomes you desire; we will provide expert advice on the right solution for you and your unique situation. We offer training programmes in the following specialisms:

You can see a range of case studies here, illustrating some of the work we have completed.

Training Courses Designed to Meet Your Objectives

The training solutions we offer you include:

  • Pre-designed solutions – solutions that have been expertly designed in response to business and industry needs (See Courses & Qualifications). Each is crafted to be easily tailored to your business…
  • Tailored solutions – every solution you see on this website can be adapted and delivered exclusively for your business
  • Bespoke solutions – unique training and learning solutions, designed from the ground up to achieve your desired outcome

If you have individuals or small groups of people that require specific training, and not enough people for in-house options, take a look at the courses available on our open course calendar.

In-House Training Needs Assessment

All In-House projects begin with an initial communication, where you brief us on your requirements and provide us with the context of your organisation and the reason for the need. We always start with the end in mind – our goal in the initial diagnosis is to understand your desired outcomes; we will ask questions like:

  • What does success look like?
  • Why do you want to change?
  • How will you/we measure success?
  • What do you want to start/stop happening?
  • What’s keeping the business busy that’s not adding direct value?
  • What’s keeping you awake at night?
  • If I could change one thing for you today, what would it be?

Often, you will know exactly what you need for your organisation and have a course in mind – if we have a pre-designed solution that fits your need exactly then we can get straight to delivery arrangements.

Alternatively, you may be in a situation where you have identified a need and require advice to develop a solution; in this case we work closely with you to provide targeted solutions – whether we recommend a pre-designed or a fully bespoke solution you can rest assured that our primary goal is always to meet your objectives and provide a high level of return on in your investment.

When You Need a Bespoke Training Course

At the beginning of each in-house project we pair you with an in-house specialist who will work with you throughout the process of diagnosis, design, delivery, and evaluation. An expert trainer/facilitator/consultant will be selected based on their professional specialism, expertise, experience, and knowledge of the industry, to deliver training in line with the outcomes agreed.

Our diagnosis process takes a systems thinking approach, ensuring that we take a wide-lens view of the current situation. Our aim is to gather enough information on which to base a thorough proposal of recommendations, providing you with a line of sight from the solution to the achievement of your goals.

Each bespoke training programme is unique to your business, and personalised to your needs. With the flexibility to create your own bespoke course, you could be targeting specific skills gaps within your team, and delivering a cost effective solution for your company.

We will discuss all the options for the programme with you, and advise you on the best courses to build your workforce’s abilities.

Get in touch today to discuss your bespoke training requirements. 

Our In-House Training Proposals

Once we have a good feel for your need our experts will design and present our proposal; this will provide recommendations for achieving the outcomes agreed. You will most often find our team in our ‘war room’, developing solutions following initial diagnosis.

Most often, we will provide a proposal in the following format:

  1. Brief and Scope – Our understanding of the brief and the scope of the project, also including delivery premises and other agreed details
  2. Learning Solution – Recommendations for a learning solution (including details on diagnosis, design, indicative content, delivery and evaluation)
  3. ROI -Recommendations for maximising impact and ensuring the learning transfers into the workplace, creating business results
  4. Indicative costs – to support budgeting, a breakdown of costs and options that would be incurred should you decide to proceed

A Managed Service for Your Training Needs

We pride ourselves on being a true business partner; as part of this relationship, we also source training and learning solutions that we do not deliver ourselves. We have built up a number of collaborations with high-quality training and consultancy providers, ones that are like-minded and can offer the level of service you expect.

Whatever your learning or consultancy needs, we can help take the pain out of finding the best providers.

Get In Touch...

At TSW we are passionate about helping people and organisations meet their full potential.

Make an enquiry and one of our dedicated Learning Advisors will contact you to listen to your needs and help you find the right solutions.

Your Learning Advisor will support you by:

  • Listening to you carefully, to understand your needs and any problems you are trying to solve
  • Asking you questions to help us determine the right solution for you
  • Providing advice, information, and pricing according to your requirements
  • Identifying when one of our in-house experts needs to speak with you, to provide more specialist advice

Rest assured that you will not be contacted by a pushy salesperson.

We are here to provide you with tailored information and direct you to the best solution, even if that is not with TSW!