Accident Investigation Training

Our accident investigation training course will give you a broad understanding of the accident investigation process and the methods of investigation.

About this Accident Investigation Training course

Even with all the health and safety training, precautions, preventative equipment and risk assessments it is impossible to foresee and prevent every single eventuality. It may also be the case that certain actions were not performed correctly, were inadequate, or mistakes were made that could have been prevented.

By performing accident investigation effectively, management can get to the bottom of how an accident occurred, with the primary objective of using the information gathered to prevent a similar incident from occurring again. It may also be the case that a particular accident was not too serious, and the subsequent control and preventative measures put in place as a result of investigation findings help to prevent a much more serious accident.

A thorough investigation into any workplace accident is necessary to help prevent recurrences and to demonstrate to relevant authorities, such as the HSE, that appropriate remedial action has or is being taken.

What does this accident investigation course cover?

The course will cover

  • The legal aspects of accident investigation
  • Overview of current legislation
  • Examples from case studies
  • Carrying out investigation and completing an accident report
  • What is an accident or incident / near miss
  • Why you should investigate both
  • Methods of investigation
  • Determining the true cause
  • Expected results of the investigation
  • Formal report writing for senior managers

Who is the course for?

This course will be valuable for anyone with responsibility for investigating workplace accidents including:

  • Health and safety advisors/officers
  • Safety Representatives
  • Managers
  • Supervisors

Accident Investigation Training Dates

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