Apprenticeships in Wales

Build a skilled, life-long career with work-based and fully funded apprenticeships in Wales.

What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is on-the-job skills training. It's a blend of essential skills qualifications, like literacy and numeracy, and profession-specific qualifications. Apprentices can be entry level, or senior specialists, working in a spectrum of sectors.

The course content is designed to stretch and challenge your people. Regardless of the sector or profession, apprenticeships create opportunities for people with potential. You can discover the rising stars in your ranks, create pioneers and champions at every level. 

The apprenticeships we provide are a vehicle to inspire and nurture fresh talent and direct and influence the professional path of higher-level workers.

What's involved in an apprenticeship?

Every apprenticeship programme provided by TSW Training is different and specific to your industry and the job role. Alongside the vocational work is a basic skills element, for example, there are modules that tackle literacy, numeracy and digital abilities. The course contents of an apprenticeship are designed specifically to develop industry understanding and the roles within it. 

There are core modules and hand-picked optional modules which tailor the qualification. By engaging in the detail of the qualification, you're building a skilled and qualified workforce.

As an employer, you're responsible for providing and planning your apprentice's training schedule. It can be delivered in Welsh or English, catering for a bilingual workforce. In every sector and every framework, the apprenticeship is tailor made and specific to your business.

For the apprentice, it's a blend of qualifications that prove your ability to handle the real demands of a job. None of it is theoretical - you've seen most situations first-hand and know exactly how to deal with them.

Apprentices in Wales train in the real world, linked up with industry workers and expert training advisors, who coach you through the qualification.

Who can sign up for an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships aren't exclusively for young people planning their futures. You can recruit a new apprentice, or enrol any of your existing team onto a relevant apprenticeship.

Organisations of any size are welcome and eligible for the work-based learning programmes. However, there is some eligibility criteria. 

  • Your apprentices must be 16 and over to apply and 18 to apply for higher-level apprenticeships.
  • You must plan to pay them minimum wage and at least 16 hours of work per week.
  • Apprentices must work 51% or more of their time in Wales and Apprentices must follow the welsh apprenticeship framework.

Every apprenticeship programme has a different eligibility criteria for the apprentice, but we'll help you to understand the parameters laid out by the Welsh Government.

Find out more about how apprenticeships work on our blog.

What apprenticeships are there?

In Wales, we have lots of fully funded work-based learning programmes. With TSW Training Apprenticeships, you can sign your people up for the following qualifications:

But there is lots of choice in Wales. These are the funded apprenticeships offered by the Welsh Government:

  • Advanced Manufacture & Materials
  • Agriculture and Environment
  • Automotive, Transport and Logistics
  • Business and Management
  • Catering and Hospitality
  • Childcare Services 
  • Construction and Building Services
  • Creative & Design
  • Digital Technology
  • Education and Information Services
  • Energy
  • Engineering
  • Food and Drink
  • Hair and Beauty
  • Healthcare Services
  • Health & Social Care Services
  • Legal and Financial Services
  • Life Sciences
  • Property Services
  • Protective Services
  • Public Services
  • Retail
  • Travel, Tourism and Leisure

Which sectors hire apprentices?

Apprenticeships in Wales are vocational, so they can be applied in any sector where there's a relevant role. If you have a vacancy to fill (whether you're based in South or North Wales), it could be an opportunity to introduce an apprentice to your business.

  • Public sector
  • Private sector
  • Third sector

Bring a career path to life with TSW Apprenticeships

At the heart of an apprenticeship is real-world learning; the first-hand experience that brings a flat job description to life. Apprentices see the job from the inside out and get to know the job from your perspective, incorporating your processes, practices and values into their everyday working.

Apprentices strengthen your workforce from the ground up and can be transformative for your organisation, but the benefits extend to the apprentice too.

The apprentice gets to jump, feet first, into a career they care about. They'll shadow roles they aspire to and get paid to do it. They live and breathe an experience that will stay with them, shaping  their professional decision-making and career path long term. Even better, they'll feel loyalty to the brand which allowed them to be the best they can be. 

Apprenticeship Key Themes

If you sign up for an apprenticeship in Wales, you'll learn about key themes embedded in its curriculum. The key themes are consistent across every apprenticeship in Wales.

Apprenticeships in Welsh

"At TSW we are committed to maintaining the Welsh language through our communication and services," says our Head of Quality, Sarah Elston.

"Wherever possible we aim to communicate with our learners and employers through their preferred language, whether Welsh or English.

"We take time to understand your language preferences and will seek to provide services to the same standard whether you choose to communicate with us in Welsh or English."

All learners undertaking Apprenticeship programmes with TSW are given the opportunity to undertake their learning in Welsh either in full or part. Additionally, learners are supported to recognise Welsh as an employability skills and are given opportunities to develop their use of the Welsh language.


Taking an Apprenticeship in Wales

We have an excellent range of apprenticeships in Wales offered at various levels, allowing your employees to continually develop as they gain experience in your business. The table below lists our current offering but if you don’t see the apprenticeship you need then give us a call, we can always advise or recommend a provider to support you.

A welsh apprenticeship is a comprehensive programme of learning and skills which will prepare your apprentices for the world of work but firmly in the context of your organisation. We appreciate that there are multiple components, levels and other variables which can seem confusing until you become used to them.

An Effective Way of Learning

Apprentices earn a wage and work alongside experienced staff to gain job-specific skills as well as gaining training from TSW Training to work towards nationally recognised qualifications. Many now choose the Apprenticeship Programme as their first career choice, as opposed to academic study.

The Apprenticeship Programme can help businesses across all sectors by offering a route to harness fresh new talent. Any business in Wales, whatever size or sector, can take part in the Apprenticeship Programme.

Our Routes:


  Level 2 Foundation   

   Level 3 Apprenticeship         Level 4/5 Higher Apprenticeship      
 Advice and Guidance                                                                    *
 Customer Service                   *                    *                                           
 Management                      *                            *
 Team Leading                   *    
 Manufacturing                   *      
 Engineering                   *                    *  
 Advanced Manufacturing   Engineering                                       *
 Business Improvement     Techniques                    *                    *                            *
 Business Administration                   *                    *                             *
 Health and Social Care                   *                    *                            * 
 Teaching Assistant                   *                    *  
 Childcare                   *                    *                            *
 Playwork                   *                    *  


If this is something that could benefit you and your business then please contact us now or call us on 02921 680075.

The Apprenticeship and Jobs Growth Wales programmes led by the Welsh Government are supported by the European Social Fund. For more information, please click here (Cymraeg / English)


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is an apprenticeship training provider? chevron

An apprenticeship training provider is a work-based learning commercial company, college or university, that delivers apprenticeships to your employees.

What does an apprenticeship training provider do? chevron

The apprenticeship training provider is the first point of contact for your employee progress, funding, coursework and assessments. It is responsible for delivering the course and ensuring apprentice success


The training provider will allocate you a training advisor. Your advisor will guide and coach your employee through the coursework portfolio and assessments.


What is an approved apprenticeship training provider? chevron

Authorised by the Welsh Government, approved apprenticeship training providers have proven high standards. Like schools, work-based learning providers are inspected and audited, so they have a proven track record and recommendations to make continuous improvements.

My preferred training provider isn't listed in the Welsh Government directory. Do they offer apprenticeships? chevron

Some approved providers partner up, uniting to form an association or, in our case, a consortium. TSW Training Apprenticeships is part of the B-wbl consortium. Led by Pembrokeshire College, it's an association of training partners from all over Wales.