Abrasive Wheel Training

In our half-day training, attendees gain in-depth knowledge about safety measures for abrasive wheels, starting with the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER 1998) and its Approved Code of Practice.

The course highlights potential hazards and associated risks, and the importance of wheel marking systems, proper storage, handling, and transportation.

Attendees will learn about wheel components, assembly, and balancing, alongside maintaining wheel performance.

The session wraps up with guidelines on machine adjustments and the correct use of personal protective equipment.

Why take an Abrasive Wheels course?

Legally, training in abrasive wheels is mandated by PUWER 98.

HSE data on abrasive wheel accidents reveals that almost half of the related accidents arise from operator errors or unsafe systems of work. As such, accidents, injury and damage resulting from poor wheel mounting and misuse are all too common.

While some hazards, like wheel breakage, are evident, others like noise, vibration, or dust might surprise you. 

The HSE underscores that proper training—blending theory and hands-on experience—is unparalleled in ensuring safe machinery operation and wheel use. 

A worker using an abrasive wheel to cut metal

Course Facts

Duration: 1 Day/s
Course Price: From £125
Entry Requirements: There are no entry requirements
Assessment: This course is not assessed
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Abrasive Wheel Training Course Information

Everything you need to know about TSW’s Abrasive Wheel Training course. Click on any of the titles to find out more and take you closer to booking your place.

This course is ideal for those who operate, supervise or manage the use of abrasive and grinding wheels.

It is suitable for anyone using portable tools with an abrasive wheel i.e. angle grinders, disc cutters, skill saws, concrete saws or ‘whizzers’.

Course Content

  • Introduction to the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER 1998) and the Approved Code of Practice (ACOP)
  • Hazards and risks arising from the use of abrasive wheels
  • Abrasive wheel marking systems – methods of marking abrasive wheels with their type, size and maximum operating speed
  • Safe storage, handling and transport of abrasive wheels
  • Inspection and testing of abrasive wheels for damage
  • Exploration of components used in abrasive wheels, such as flanges, blotters, bushes and nuts
  • Correct abrasive wheel assembly, ensuring they are properly balanced and fit for use
  • Dressing an abrasive wheel
  • Correct adjustment of work rests on a pedestal or bench grinding machine
  • Safe use of personal protective equipment (PPE)


Outcomes for individuals:

  • Understand the legal implications of working with abrasive/grinding equipment and machinery
  • Appreciate the correct methods of storage and handling for abrasive wheels
  • Be able to demonstrate the necessary knowledge to mount abrasive wheels correctly
  • Be able to carry out maintenance on machinery

Outcomes for employers:

  • Share expertise across your organisation to build a culture of health and safety awareness
  • Ensure all operators are working in line with the PUWER 1988 legislation
  • Reduce machine wear and tear through appropriate setting of machines

There is an option to take a short-answer questionnaire at the end of the course.

This is not an accredited qualification but TSW can certify that a person has completed the assessment successfully. 

In-House Delivery Exclusively For Your Organisation

This course can be delivered exclusively for your organisation, in any location or virtually through Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Read more on our in-house training services.


Our Abrasive Wheel Training Trainers

At TSW we pride ourselves on the expertise and quality of our trainers and consultants. Each is chosen for their working experience and hard-earned knowledge in this course subject.

Here are just some of our trainers for this course:

Peter Harris Portrait Image - TSW Health and Safety Trainer
Peter Harris
With over 48 years of experience in industry and 10 years as a trainer, Pete is a key member of TSW’s Health and Safety training team.

Our Abrasive Wheel Training Course Dates

We run this course on demand at a time and place to suit you and your team.
Please contact us to chat about this course and your training needs

Transform Your Workforce With In-House Training

At TSW, we recognise that each organisation has unique needs. That’s why our in-house training programmes aim to address your specific challenges and objectives. To do that we ensure that the training content is directly relevant to your team’s roles and responsibilities, making the learning experience more impactful and immediately applicable.

At TSW, we recognise that each organisation has unique needs. Our bespoke in-house training programmes are designed to address your specific challenges and objectives. This ensures that the training content is directly relevant to your team’s roles and responsibilities, making the learning experience more impactful and immediately applicable.

Training several employees via public courses can be both costly and logistically difficult. With TSW’s in-house training, you save on travel and accommodation expenses, and the overall cost per delegate is significantly lowered. This makes in-house training a cost-effective solution, particularly for larger groups.

TSW’s in-house training sessions are arranged to fit your schedule, minimising operational disruptions. Whether you prefer weekdays, weekends, or evening sessions, we can accommodate your needs. Conducting training at your premises ensures your team remains in a familiar environment, enhancing the learning experience and reducing downtime.

In-house training at TSW brings your team together, fostering better communication and collaboration. Employees can share experiences and build stronger working relationships. This not only boosts morale but also promotes a unified approach to problem-solving within your organisation.

Public training sessions can pose risks when discussing company-specific issues. TSW’s in-house training guarantees confidentiality, allowing your team to freely address and resolve internal challenges. This level of discretion is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge and operational integrity.

By delivering training in the workplace, TSW ensures that employees can immediately apply what they’ve learned. This immediate integration of new skills helps in retaining knowledge and enhances overall productivity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In this section you will find all of the questions we are frequently asked about this course. Still can’t find the information you are looking for?
Send us an enquiry and we’ll get back to you.

Yes, operators should be properly trained to safely use grinding equipment.

As per HSE’s HSG17 guidance document, “There is no substitute for thorough practical training in all aspects of the mounting and use of abrasive wheels”.

Further to the training itself, it is recommended that a record of training is kept, identifying the trainees by name along with the date of training.

Grinding Wheels safety courses, such as TSW’s, most often provide a certificate of attendance, not competence. This is satsifactory for grinding machine operators.

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