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Duration: 1 Day/s
Assessment: This course is not assessed
Entry Requirements: There are no entry requirements
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Our bespoke customer service training courses

Giving world-class customer service is no accident; when companies offer consistently excellent customer service it is most often a result of their intelligent effort to ensure their people see themselves as customer advisors, regardless of job title.

Our customer service courses are not like others; we work with organisations and their employees to get to the root cause of poor customer service, that of not understanding and thus not meeting customer expectations. 

We believe in ‘PURPOSEFUL’ customer service, which is means making sure we understand customer expectations so that we can take purposeful action and create memorable experiences.

On our training participants create targeted action plans, taking them back to your organisation and implementing them to make real changes that directly impact on your customers’ satisfaction levels. The attitude of service as a purpose is contagious, delegates will take actions that align with the purpose of delighting customers and creating increased customer loyalty.

*Rated 4.8 out of 5 by learners on Coursecheck, TSW Training has been a trusted and established training provider of choice for 56 years.

Who is this Course For?

This programme is for any person in an organisation that has to deal with people, whether they are internal customers (colleagues) or external customers. Our service training courses aren’t just for customer service advisors or professionals, they are for any person, at any level and in any sector. 

Activities are designed so that every participant considers the content in the context of their own roles and organisation, thus ensuring its relevance and impact.

We provide strategic and operational level courses, providing the top-down skills needed for customer service excellence.

What Does This Course Cover?

TSW’s customer service courses get to the heart of service mastery, that of understanding, anticipating, meeting and exceeding your customers’ expectations.

Engaging in collaborative activities, participants will be developing a better understanding of what their customers expect at key touchpoints (moments of truth) in your business.

We will equip your employees with the skills needed for customer service, and an understanding that they need to leave every customer feeling positive about their experience. 

Participants will practice customer service techniques to help them better understand their customers, find opportunities to add value and take actions that create memorable experiences.

When working with your organisation we will be using the acronym LEAP as a guide for employees:

  • Listen – Listen & watch for opportunities to ‘Wow’ a customer
  • Empathise – Putting yourself in the customer’s shoes
  • Attitude – Choose your Attitude at every touchpoint
  • Planning – Make plans and commit to purposeful action at all touchpoints

Action plans created throughout the day will accompany your employees back into the workplace and provide a bridge from learning to practice, deployed to have a direct and measurable impact on customer satisfaction.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the importance of giving great customer service
  • Identify what your customers expect to experience through listening, observation and empathy
  • Develop plans to deliver positive experiences consistently
  • Understand what to do when things go wrong, to turn potentially bad customer experiences into great ones
  • Practice communicating, using tried and tested methods at moments of truth
  • Anticipate and fix recurring problems permanently using root cause identification and planned action
  • Adopt a consistent purposeful attitude with customers and colleagues
  • Understand the importance of collaboration and communication to form customer service teams and teamwork

Why Choose TSW Training for your Courses?

  • TSW Training is a leading Health and Safety, Environmental, Leadership and Management training provider working with PLCs and SME clients across the UK.
  • Rated 4.8/5 in 1,179 reviews by learners on independent training course evaluator, Coursecheck, TSW Training has been a trusted and established training provider of choice for 56 years.
  • Work with TSW Training and you have access to our closely curated team of quality-assured experts, consultants, and trainers.

Read our latest course reviews

Fire Marshall
Very interesting course and well delivered!
Stephen D February 28, 2024
Fire Marshall
I found the trainer to be very professional / Knowledgeable and engaged with everyone during the training. very well held.
Adrian J February 28, 2024
EDP Project Leadership
Very impressed and found it easy to follow
Megan M February 28, 2024
Purposeful Customer Service
Thank you for your time, very helpful – definitely helps with being more conscious of how we interact with customers and how important the minor details are in everything.
Michael M February 27, 2024
Purposeful Customer Service
Instructor kept the session engaging which helped me take away key customer service points!
Megan C February 27, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

To look after your customers and keep them coming back, you need to invest in the customer service abilities of your teams. They must be focused on the needs of your clients and customers, but also continuously work on their empathy and practise communicating clearly and flexibly. One the biggest challenges is getting everyone on the same page so you have a shared service goal, but we’ll walk you through the process and tactics of how to achieve that during our customer service training course. 

In-House Delivery Exclusively For Your Organisation

This course can be delivered exclusively for your organisation, in any location or virtually through Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Read more on our in-house training services.

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