Karen Lewis

Karen is a manager in a childcare environment and has just completed her CCPLD Level 5. Here she talks about chasing her career dreams, balancing her qualifications, work and home life.

Karen’s story

Karen is a manager in a childcare environment and has just completed her Level 5 CCPLD apprenticeship.

How did you like working with your TA, Michelle David?

I feel so grateful to Michelle for all her help, and the confidence she gave me to continue with my qualification.

Michelle has been totally supportive at all times and I could ring, text and email her at any time and she would answer my query.

I felt really overwhelmed at the beginning of my Level 5, as I tried to balance home life, my work life and my qualification.

Michelle helped and supported me all the way through.

I have learnt so much and has helped me to become a supportive manager with positive outcomes.

Thank you Michelle because without you I don’t think I would have finished my level 5. I’m so pleased with myself, I’ve done it!

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