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Author Name: James Wyse

Job Title: Environmental Management Trainer and Consultant

Education and Experience: 

James has a Masters Degree in Environmental Management from the University of Hertfordshire and over 23 years in the environmental and sustainability field in both industry and consultancy roles. James has held a variety of roles at site and group level and headed up a team of sustainability consultants supporting UK manufacturing.

Areas of Expertise: 

James is passionate about engaging and educating people in the environment and sustainability, in particular helping them to understand the complex global picture and what they can do to help reduce the impacts of their activities.

James has been training on IEMA accredited courses for nearly 10 years and has developed materials for a range of sustainability courses up to MSc level.


James is a Fellow Member of IEMA (FIEMA) and Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv). His approach is to use his experience to make the complex topic of sustainability more understandable and accessible.

James shares his experiences on the TSW blog.

James Wyse's Blog Posts

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