Bro Myrddin Housing Association Case Study

Bro Myrddin wanted a broad programme that encouraged its senior management team to be consistent when managing their people and the processes.

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Bro Myrddin Housing Association Case Study Overview​

Bro Myrddin is a charitable not for profit Housing Association, providing housing across Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire. It builds, improves and maintains around 800 homes and provides a range of housing services to residents and other stakeholders.

Bro Myrddin wanted a broad programme that encouraged its senior management team to be consistent when managing their people and the processes.

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Bro Myrddin Housing Association's Training Brief

They asked for a learning experience that was:

  1. Tailored to the needs of the Association
  2. Practical, that provided tools and techniques which would apply immediately after the workshop
  3. Consistent with Bro Myrddin’s values that included what the values mean and how they should be communicated
  4. Interactive and engaging

TSW's Solution

Our head of leadership and management, Andrew Wallbridge, designed a unique programme that blended:

  • Self-assessment and self-learning
  • Shared stories, experiences and situations to contextualise the leaders’ journey ahead

Our intent was to change behaviours and elements of the environment in which Bro Myrddin work. Through challenge and provocative questioning, Bro Myrddin would see themselves through the eyes of others, to get a new perspective and change their policies and procedures as a result.

The programme was delivered over three workshops:

  • Skills to Manage and Lead
  • Management in Practice
  • Developing Self to Get the Best from Others

The three workshops created experiences that gave the leadership team the opportunity to learn about their unique approach to management, while maintaining that required element of consistency. Some of the experiences took individuals a little way outside of their comfort zone to provide a bigger learning impact.

Return On Investment

We asked the panel of learners what they thought about Andrew’s workshops. 100% of learners rated ‘5 – strongly agree’ when asked if they found the programme to be engaging and interactive, if they found Andrew to be knowledgeable and experienced and whether Andrew provided real-life and contextualised examples to support learning. When asked, ‘overall how would you rate the training?’ 100% of learners rated it as ‘excellent’.

The whole team strongly agreed that the training was engaging and interactive, praising Andrew as a knowledgeable and experienced trainer, using real-life and contextualised examples to support their learning.

Every member of the team thought overall the training was excellent and they felt confident applying new techniques following the course, for example: “Ensuring my staff feel appreciated”, that it “Change(d) the language I use to reinforce the culture, values and drive”, and that it allowed individuals to “Communicate clearly and add a bit of humour”, plus “Bring a positive attitude to the team, create a culture of staff that do more and like to achieve – give them more praise!”

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