David Williams Case Study – IEMA Certificate

An IEMA Certificate case study from David Williams (HSE Director at Borley Engineering Services)

Course Attended:
IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management

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David’s Objectives and Expectations

“My main objective from participating in this course was to gain knowledge on how to implement a sustainability strategy into a business successfully.

Furthermore, I was looking to gain more detailed knowledge on sustainability to ensure that what I communicate and introduce into the business ensures legal compliance and best practice.”

David’s IEMA Certificate Training Experience

“I have done a lot of training courses in my time, and this was honestly one of the most enjoyable.

The tutor who delivered the training was excellent, knowledgeable and very helpful. The interactive nature of the course and being able to discuss with other like minded professionals on how they are working and what other businesses are doing was invaluable.

The content of the course was excellent, there was a lot of content to get through in the three weeks but having the course split into three weekly sessions was helpful.”


TSW's pre-course communication:
The course material and course design:
The course delivery and trainer:​
The impact the training has had on your work:

Can you recommend any improvements we can make to any of the above areas?

“My only reservation for the course was the amount of content to get through in 3 weeks. I feel in some instances we were not able to the activities properly as time was limited to get through the content.”

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How David Implemented and Applied His Learning

“To date, the training has helped me produce a sustainability strategy, deliver training sessions to my fellow directors and management, and put objectives in place to achieve net zero by 2050.

I have now implemented a carbon reduction plan for our business which ties in to the above sustainability plan.”

Parting Words and Testimonial