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Empowering Leadership Through Emotional Intelligence: The Mira Showers Success Story


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Mira Showers Case Study Overview​

Mira Showers Comoany LogoIntroduction

Mira Showers stands out as a beacon of excellence in an industry where precision and reliability are paramount. As one of the UK’s leading shower manufacturers, Mira is synonymous with innovation, quality, and a deep commitment to customer satisfaction.

This case study delves into how Mira, in partnership with TSW, embarked on a journey to enhance their front-line leadership team’s emotional intelligence and management skills, fostering a more dynamic, responsive, and people-centric workplace.

A illustrative history of Mira showers with product images and manufacturing buildings Client Background

Mira Showers, a prominent name in the UK shower industry, is known for its extensive range of top-quality showers, enclosures, and trays.

The company’s reputation is built on a solid foundation of rigorous research and development. This competitive advantage ensures that every product meets and exceeds industry standards.

Manufactured and assembled in the UK, each Mira product undergoes meticulous testing before leaving the factory. This attention to quality is a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to excellence.

Mira Showers's Training Brief

Challenges & Needs

The emotional intelligence training initiative arose from a series of incidents on the production shop floor. Mira’s associates encountered a number of challenging ‘People’ issues, typical of a busy workplace like theirs.

These occurrences highlighted a critical need: the need to empower and educate Mira’s front-line leadership group.

The goal was to develop their knowledge, skills, and understanding of emotional intelligence, and support them to manage and coach teams effectively and confidently. Mira knows that upskilling their management team is vital in maintaining harmony and efficiency in a high-stakes production environment.

Objectives & Expectations

Mira’s primary objective was to equip their leadership team with the tools and knowledge to adeptly navigate and resolve interpersonal challenges.

The focus was on fostering a skill set that would enable leaders to better understand and manage team dynamics. With this knowledge they would be equipped to enhance overall team performance and create a productive working environment.

Mira’s Senior leadership was able to identify emotional intelligence as the foundational skill required. Thus, the core objective; to develop Mira’s front-line leaders’ proficiency in the five domains of EQ.

TSW's Solution

Training Solution

TSW’s response to this need was a meticulously crafted Emotional Intelligence course designed specifically to meet Mira’s unique requirements, focusing on practical and empathetic leadership.

The course emphasised self-regulation in the face of difficult situations and people, encouraging leaders to consider all factors before reacting.

It also focused on recognising and adapting to various communication styles and included a specialised session on humble inquiry, fostering a culture of understanding before action.

Delivery Method

The training was delivered through an engaging face-to-face format, combining reflective learning, peer coaching, and feedback.

This approach ensured an immersive and interactive experience, which allowed participants to engage with the material actively and with each other. The result was a deeper understanding and practical application of the concepts taught.

Delegates feel more confident in facing real-world issues, having had the opportunity to contextualise and practice their new knowledge and skills in the training.

Emotional Intelligence 101

Find out all you need know on our dedicated course page.

Return On Investment

Engagement & Feedback

The independent course feedback gathered at the end of the course underscored the training’s initial success. Key insights include:

  • High appreciation for course content and its practical relevance.
  • A strong commitment from participants to apply the learning in their roles indicates a readiness to enhance workplace interactions.
  • Many highlighted newfound abilities in managing team dynamics and understanding individual team members’ needs and styles
  • Confidence among attendees in witnessing positive outcomes from their new skills.

This level of engagement indicates satisfaction with the training and a genuine uptake of the skills and techniques imparted.

A standup meeting and workshop in Mira Showers

Notable participant feedback:

“This course has changed the way I see my team. I now approach situations with more empathy and understanding.”

“The trainer was exceptional, making complex concepts easy to grasp and apply.”

Results & Impact

Post-training, Mira observed significant improvements in their leadership team’s ability to navigate and manage social situations on the shop floor.

Leaders are better equipped to read their teams’ emotions and preemptively address potential issues, contributing to a more harmonious and efficient work environment.

This shift aligns perfectly with Mira’s Respectful Workplace ethos, enhancing their people-focused culture. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the training has led to better decision-making, strengthened internal relationships, and improved leadership across production cells.

ROI and Business Impact

While direct metrics on efficiency and productivity enhancements are not specified, the qualitative improvements in team management and decision-making strongly suggest a positive impact on Mira’s overall business performance.

The training’s alignment with Mira’s core values and its contribution to a more respectful and effective workplace environment indicate a substantial return on investment, both in terms of personnel development and operational efficiency.

Final Remarks

This case study demonstrates how targeted training in emotional intelligence can revolutionise leadership and management practices.

Through this training, Mira Showers has addressed immediate challenges and reinforced its commitment to a respectful and people-centric workplace.

The transformation in leadership approach and the positive feedback from participants highlight the significant benefits of investing in people for individual growth and the broader organisational culture.

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