IEMA Environmental & Sustainability Management Training Courses

A suite of environment and sustainability principles training that give your business and its teams resilience and expertise as they work towards net-zero and green transition.

What Is IEMA?

IEMA, or The Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment, is a professional body for environmental practitioners all around the world.

It provides independent research, resources, tools and training to support its members and learners, to change attitudes towards sustainability.

IEMA Training Courses & Programmes

IEMA's training courses are focused on sustainability and environmental awareness.

Attainable for all ability levels, there are strategic and operational approaches to choose from. Whether you are bringing brand new sustainability roles into your business or attempting to apply green processes to achieve efficiency, resilience, or to make an impact in your market, IEMA training will help you to achieve those goals. 

Explore Each TSW Training IEMA and NEBOSH Environmental And Sustainability Management Course And Their Learning Outcomes

What Are The Benefits Of IEMA Training?

For businesses, IEMA qualifications signal profitable green transition and a positive push towards net-zero. The benefits are significant:

  • Efficient, green processes
  • An environmentally resilient strategy, prepared for legislation and compliance changes 
  • Buy-in from investors and improved funding opportunities
  • A competitive proposition, offering reduced carbon footprint to tier 1 manufacturers and OEM companies
  • Happier workforce, contributing to green initiatives
  • The opportunity to attract new talent, seeking an ethical career path
  • Reduced risk of unhappy customers

Will IEMA Training Future Proof Your Business?

Relevant qualifications from an accredited provider future proofs your business in two ways:

1) IEMA qualifications prove you are working to best practice standards

2) They can be applied as a fiscal tool, reducing your energy overheads and applying processes that achieve a faster and more efficient approach 

What Will You Learn During An IEMA Training Course?

Each course has its insights about effective environmental management and techniques that will make your workplace more efficient and sustainable, and perform with impact. 

You'll leave each course with a deeper understanding of:

  • Compliance surrounding environmental skills
  • The risks your business may encounter without adequate environmental or credentials
  • The opportunities that arise when you focus on increasing business performance, efficiency and impact 
  • The techniques and strategies you can apply at a strategic or operational level to achieve environmental goals and solve problems relating to poor sustainability

Which IEMA Course Is Right For You?

TSW Training's suite of accredited IEMA training courses are accessible for differing abilities and diverse roles within your business. For both managers and the workforce, beginners and more experienced workers alike. 

Environmental Sustainability Skills For The Workforce is a one-day, introductory and basic course for beginners. It provides fundamental environmental and sustainability awareness.

Environmental Sustainability Skills For Managers is a two-day course, which builds on your foundation knowledge. It shows managers how to apply their newfound skills in the workplace and oversee a team applying sustainability processes.

The Certificate In Environmental Management is a 15-day course, designed for those at an operational level, already in an environmental or sustainability role. 

The Foundation Certificate In Environmental Management is a five-day course for beginners on environmental management and sustainability issues. It gives you knowledge of environmental, sustainability and governance principles.

TSW Training And IEMA

In February 2022, TSW Training became one of only 80 approved IEMA Course Training Providers world-over.

In 2022, we extended our network to partner with Aspen Waite's Sustain project. Sustain is a new service that brings SMEs environmental policies and energy use up to best practice standards. 

Sign up with us to access our closely curated team of quality-assured experts, consultants, and trainers. Rated 4.8/5 in 1,179 reviews by learners on independent training course evaluator, Coursecheck, TSW Training has been a trusted and established training provider of choice for 56 years.



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