Information Advice and Guidance

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What is an IAG course?

The Level 4 Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) course is a higher qualification, awarded by City and Guilds. It’s a work-based qualification and fully funded by the Welsh Government. It’s a versatile qualification, perfect for skills development in:

  • Recruitment
  • Financial Services
  • Schools and education
  • Prison and probation services
  • Children’s Homes
  • Sexual health clinics
  • Public services, like libraries, DVLA and tourist information
  • Patent offices
  • Unions and;
  • Religious organisations

Plus many more. If your people are disseminating information, advising your clients, or trying to cascade complicated details through the workforce, this qualification will support them.

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Information, advice and guidance are different types of support your people can offer to their colleagues and to your clients. It refers to relaying facts, making personal professional recommendations, or providing leadership and direction.

The IAG course accelerates support abilities within your organisation. Whether your people are handling factual queries, or offering assistance based on their professional experience, the higher qualification will give them the agency and authority to advise with confidence. 

Who is the IAG course for? 

The IAG qualification is suitable for new or existing employees, who need to develop, update and accredit existing skills. It’s also a training tool that offers progression into higher-level roles or education.

The IAG course consists of carefully selected qualifications that provide the skills and knowledge required to be successful in an advice and guidance role, in the context of your organisation.

The qualifications are tailored, so it meets the specific needs of your organisation and the development requirements of your people. 

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Download the Level 4 Information, Advice and Guidance workbook

To discover more about the Level 4 Information Advice and Guidance course, download the workbook today.

Inside you’ll find:

  • How the course will benefit your company and aid the development of your people
  • The qualifications within the Level 4 course
  • The units which can be selected based on the needs of your business


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