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Author Name: Matthew Channell

Job Title: Commercial Director

Education and Experience: 

Matthew has worked at TSW since 2009, joining the business after working in an operations and planning role for a global manufacturer.

Since then he has been an asset to TSW in a number of roles, including Head of Operations, and Operations and Commercial Director from 2015.

As a strategic planner for TSW, he has responsibility for planning the future direction of the commercial business and is key to our growth.

Areas of Expertise: 

  • Learning & Development
  • Leadership & Management
  • Learning Transfer
  • Learning Design
  • Operational Management


In his day to day role, Matt works closely with our commercial clients to diagnose their specific learning and development needs.

His approach to designing performance focussed learning programmes is holistic, focussing on desired outcomes before agreeing on required behaviour changes and learning objectives.

Matt has designed a wide range of training including leadership and management, health and safety, quality management, customer service and business skills training programmes for our commercial clients.

Matthew shares his experiences on the TSW blog.

He analyses people management theories and processes, unpacking them in a balanced way so they make sense in the real working world. Even better, Matt always provides working examples, so you can apply the techniques in your workplace.

Matthew achieved an MSc in Management from the University of Glamorgan in 2010. Contemporary leadership and management practice are weaved through his approach.

His articles focus on the practical application of both leadership and management principles, so if you want to improve your skills, consider Matthew your distance learning coach.

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I have known Matthew Channel for over a decade and consider him to be the consummate professional. He is highly trained and well qualified and brings integrity and dedication to bear in providing training and development solutions. Matthew is always considerate of people, even when focused on organisational development.

He has demonstrated the ability to focus on the fine detail while never losing sight of the big picture, as is so often the case with others that I have encountered working in organisational development. Holding micro and macro approaches together is essential if maximum benefits are to be achieved continuous improvement and he does this very well. I have every confidence in Matthew in providing this recommendation.

– Dr Alan Dowler (Consultant and Former Director of Learning and Development at Cardiff University)

I have known Matthew for some time and have seen how he has contributed to the current success and future development of TSW.

As a client, I found him extremely easy to work with; he is meticulous about understanding requirements and creates detailed briefs. His ideas are thoughtful and innovative but also commercial and stretching. I particularly like the fact that he isn’t a “Yes” person – he challenged my thinking and his solutions were innovative and always backed up with a comprehensive business proposal beforehand and a comprehensive review after the event.

We have gone on to develop what I believe to be a mutually supportive relationship where we can explore ideas and swap experiences. To add depth to his experience he has invested in his own development through both study and commercial involvement most recently as a board member.

Matthew is a gem and he is one of my key business connections; I would unreservedly recommend him and TSW to any organisation that is looking for a commercially minded and well-connected learning and development partner.

– Jayne Jones (Business and HR Consultant and Former Head of Learning & Development at Hafod)

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