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Leadership training solutions outside of the academic bubble

About Our Leadership and Development Courses

Leadership courses come in many shapes and sizes, just like people and businesses.

At TSW, we believe that leadership skills are developed best when learners are engaged in experiential courses tailored to their needs.

Our approach to Leadership development is not driven by academic theory and models alone. We focus in on the real world of work, helping to build high performing leaders that can make a difference when it counts.

5 Leadership Principles

Because your approach is unique to you, we base our learning methods on 5 basic leadership principles:

  1. Leadership is not a job title or an exclusive tool for senior management, but a tool anyone can use when they want to affect a change
  2. Leadership often shows up in times of change or crisis, and done well can avoid the latter
  3. People follow people and not titles. Leadership is a contact sport that requires leaders to make meaningful connections with those they intend to lead
  4. In a time of change, the role of leaders is to provide direction, provide a playing field and the rules of the game, then get out of the way
  5. The 5th principle is that the only tool in your toolbox is the ability to communicate, well. When this tool fails, Leadership dies!

Using the 5 principles we coach participants to use strategies and tactics to make the connections, provide the rules and create the playing field and to communicate skillfully.​

Leadership and Development Solutions

We have off-the-shelf solutions available and can work with you to tailor solutions to your very specific needs. Leadership solutions are available to you via:

Here are just some of the leadership courses we offer at TSW:

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Awarding Body
Coaching Skills for Managers Course
Coaching Skills for Managers Course

Become confident in coaching your team on an engaging two-day course

Communication Skills Training
Communication Skills Training

Communicate effectively with colleagues at every level of your business

Core Skills for Management Training Course
Core Skills for Management Training Course

Develop core management skills and learn how to lead your team effectively

Core Skills for Team Leaders Course
Core Skills for Team Leaders Course

Learn the core skills you need to be a successful team leader

Finance for Non-Financial Managers
Finance for Non-Financial Managers

The perfect finance intro for any person who needs to understand the importance of finance to business health and survival.

HR Skills for Line Managers Course
HR Skills for Line Managers Course

Develop decisive people management skills to get the best out of your team

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