TSW apprentice Gemma Rudden wins runner up for Apprentice Of The Year 2021 at the Welsh Contact Centre Forum Awards

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Two TSW Training Apprentices, Gavin Magner and Gemma Rudden, were shortlisted for Apprentice Of The Year at the Welsh Contact Centre Forum Awards, with Gemma taking home the Silver.

The Apprentice Of The Year was crowned at the WCCF annual awards on 19th November 2021, with TSW apprentice, Gemma Rudden, taking home the runner up position with a Silver award.

Both Gavin and Gemma work for Legal and General Retirements, recently completing their Level 4 Information, Advice and Guidance NVQ with TSW Training. The full framework consisted of the NVQ, Comms Level 3, Digital Literacy Level 2 and AON Level 2.

Both Gavin and Gemma completed the IAG Level 4 six months before their scheduled completion date, showing exceptional determination and commitment to their professional development.

What does the Apprentice Of The Year Award represent?

The Welsh Contact Centre Apprentice Of The Year Award will “recognise apprentices who have been employed in a non-managerial role for a minimum of six months and who show outstanding occupational progress and a positive approach to employment combined with excellent personal qualities. The judges will be looking for evidence of exceptional vocational competence, achieving great results, making a difference within a short period of time, plus excellent interpersonal skills.”

Meet TSW’s Apprentice Of The Year finalists

Gavin Magner started in L&G as a Pensions Runner, supporting management on client visits for the comms and engagement team. He received a promotion to a Colleague and Client Engagement Associate in the communication and engagement team.

Gemma Rudden started as a Member Helpline Agent, taking calls from pension members. She is now a Knowledge Management and Process Consultant who sets up and maintains an internal knowledge base for her Pensions colleagues.

IAG mentoring from expert trainers

Gavin and Gemma were mentored by experienced TSW Training Advisor, Lisa Hayden. Lisa has specialised in IAG delivery for nine years and understands the qualification, and what it takes to succeed, inside and out.

Lisa said: “Gavin and Gemma always gave 100% in our monthly review sessions, managed their caseloads well and had very good organisational skills. This was evident through the work they both submitted, their attendance at every monthly review session carried out and, their positive attitude to lifelong learning, understanding the importance of continuing their professional development and climbing the career ladder.

“Gavin and Gemma took full ownership of their NVQ and produced some excellent quality work, including carrying out self-research, adapting assessment methods when needed to suit their needs, and adhered to L&G and TSW, policies and procedures throughout.”

“Gemma and Gavin both remained punctual and professional throughout the time they spent completing their NVQ. Even through the Covid pandemic, they both adapted well to the change from face-to-face learning over to Digital Learning, with no issues or concerns.”

Lisa also says that this level of success wouldn’t be possible without an exceptional manager leading the way. For Gemma and Gavin, L&G manager, Elinor Worthington made their accomplishments possible: “The feedback from Elinor was always supportive and positive. She would go above and beyond to support both Gemma and Gavin in completing their NVQ, and would always support TSW too, obtaining evidence to support and prove their competence within their job role.”

Find out more about the Information, Advice and Guidance qualification by downloading the workbook.

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