6 Sustainability Podcasts To Help Your Business Achieve Net Zero

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All businesses should understand their role in achieving the UK Government’s net zero target by 2050.

But the challenge lies in how this can be achieved – and where to start. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to reducing your business’s carbon footprint.

Every business is different and must rely on the gathering and reporting of its own internal data, while building buy-in from its stakeholders to help find solutions and celebrate success.

Thankfully, there are many different avenues to explore on the road to sustainability, from podcasts, sustainability books and TSW’s range of IEMA courses in which to find information and guidance to build knowledge and green skills.

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Why podcasts?

Amid the growing interest in sustainability, a plethora of podcasts on the issue have emerged.

The benefit of learning through sustainability podcasts is that they provide access to a wide range of opinions, experiences and expertise.

In terms of achieving stakeholder buy-in, sharing links to useful podcasts through internal and external communications channels can be very effective, as it reinforces the company’s goals and opens up possibilities.

But in a saturated market, which are the best ones for businesses to turn to when building a sustainability plan?

We’ve done the research for you, so you can explore the podcasts that meet your specific needs at different milestones on your roadmap to net zero.

Podcasts to help you build a sustainability plan

#1. The Impact Report

Pitched as “stories from the front line of business and sustainability innovation”, this podcast brings together students, alumni and faculty in Bard College’s MBA in Sustainability Program with leaders in business, sustainability, finance and social entrepreneurship from around the world.

It’s one of the best podcasts around for giving practical advice on building a strategy to achieve net zero.

Advice on governance, risk, audit and insights is shared amid examples of sustainable innovation in a global shift from a linear to a circular economy.

#2. A Sustainable Mind Podcast

If you’re looking to get inspired and motivated to take real, meaningful action regarding your business’s impact on the environment, this is the podcast for you.

This weekly podcast gives you access to the environmental changemakers whose campaigns and projects have already led to positive changes for the planet.

Each episode ends with actionable advice and resources, offering a great place to start for any sustainability manager working on a strategy.

Podcasts to help with stakeholder buy-in

#3. How to Save a Planet

News reports and warnings from the science world tell us that climate change is now unavoidable and action must be taken now to slow down its impact.

Such reports can be overwhelming and lead to a sense of hopelessness about the fate of the planet and the value of small individual actions.

So it’s a welcome relief to find a podcast that discusses climate change in a positive way, leaving the listener feeling energised to take on the challenges that lie ahead.

With a call to action included in every show, this podcast will inspire your stakeholders to work together to achieve your shared goals.

#4. Sustainability Explored

With a specific focus on business and economy, this podcast will inspire your stakeholders to seek out innovative ways of achieving sustainability.

Hosting professionals working on implementing innovative sustainable solutions across a range of businesses, Sustainability Explored touches on the topics of resilience, corporate social responsibility, leadership and culture, among others.

As well as offering guidance on the practicalities of implementing sustainability in business, it is also a great motivating force for employees and other stakeholders.

Podcasts to help businesses mix sustainability with profit

#5. Sustainable Business Covered – The edie podcast

We wish it was enough for a business to enjoy the rewards of sustainability – the most important being the impact on the environment.

But in the real world, a business’s main aim is to make a profit.

Hosted in partnership with Lloyds Bank, this podcast takes a look at some of the breakthrough innovations and ambitious business initiatives that are helping to combine business objectives with a transition to a net zero, circular economy.

#6. GreenBiz 350 Podcast

Co-hosted by Joel Makower and Heather Clancy, this weekly podcast meets the people and companies behind the headlines in sustainable business and clean technology.

Their accompanying podcast, Center Stage, offers live interviews from GreenBiz events.

Focused on solutions, innovation and targets, it is one of the most practical podcasts for showing businesses how streamlining their processes and operating in a much smarter, less wasteful way can also be a benefit to the bottom line.

After all, greater efficiency is often the roadmap to greater profit.

Podcasts and business sustainability

All the podcasts listed above offer an enjoyable and insightful exploration of some very serious topics.

Whether you’re developing your business’s sustainability plan, building stakeholder buy-in or simply looking for ideas and inspiration, these podcasts – combined with our helpful tips on the TSW Environmental Blog and range of IEMA courses will motivate both you and your team to find the right answers for your business.

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Matthew Channell
Matthew is TSW Training’s Commercial Director. He writes about performance focussed learning, leadership, and management approaches that have real-world, sustainable impact.
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