Seven Reasons Why You Should Take an IOSH Managing Safely Course

All you need to know when considering the IOSH Managing Safely - Pros and Cons.

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Why Should I Take an IOSH Managing Safely?

At TSW Training, we offer the IOSH Managing Safely Course, a leading qualification for any Manager responsible for health and safety in the workplace.

A common question from learners considering their learning options is, ‘Why should I take the IOSH Managing Safely course?’.

That question is hard to answer in a sentence, so we asked a selection of our past learners and some of our expert IOSH trainers what they thought. In this article, we have taken their feedback to give you seven reasons why you might take the course.

In short, the benefits of IOSH Managing Safely extend far beyond having a certificate on your wall.

Key points:

  • IOSH gives you desirable skills employers need, for example, leadership, a careful approach and the confidence to pipe up when you spot a hazard.
  • IOSH is a qualification you can proudly place at the top of your CV and shout about on LinkedIn. It’s respected in every industry.

Seven Reasons To Take An IOSH Managing Safely Course? 

#1. You’ll Demonstrate leadership

The IOSH Managing Safely course will help you take independent health and safety initiative. Without a prompt, you’ll identify hazards and know how to follow a precise procedure to get them under control.

You’ll confidently communicate with your team and senior management about hazards, risks, incidents and accidents, recommend controls, and allocate responsibility to relevant team members.

#2. You’ll Feel Empowered and Take the Initiative

With an IOSH certificate, you’ll feel empowered to make a difference in your work. You’ll have the confidence to speak up and put your training into practice. How, you might ask?

IOSH Managing Safely gives you tools to spot and assess hazards and risks as you move around your business, allowing you to implement appropriate control measures.

More than that, you’ll be equipped to thoroughly examine incidents and pinpoint their root causes, taking action to reduce future risks.

#3. Have an objective view of health and safety

One of the significant advantages of taking the IOSH Managing Safely course is gaining an objective perspective on health and safety. With the knowledge and skills acquired from the course, you will understand the moral, legal and fiscal arguments for Health and Safety and the meaning of ‘As far as is reasonably practicable’.

Employers can rely on your judgment, trusting that you will make good decisions while prioritising health and safety.

#4. Safeguard your team

People will be safer when you’re around. Your actions will limit the risk of accidents at work and, subsequently, reduce injury-related sick leave.

The IOSH Managing Safely course shows you how to put people at the heart of your health and safety work.

By keeping them safe from harm, you’ll reduce their chances of getting hurt and limit injury-related leave and sick days. That will give you purpose beyond your to-do list.

#5. Global Recognition

Obtaining a certification that is recognised worldwide can be incredibly advantageous. Not only does it reflect well on the company, but it also demonstrates an individual’s commitment to professional development.

It’s worth noting that this certification does not expire and can significantly bolster your resume. IOSH Managing Safely Refresher training is advised every three years, but is not essential.

#6. You’ll be one step closer to a professional title

IOSH Managing Safely will set you up on the IOSH membership ladder. As soon as you enrol in the course, you can apply for IOSH’s student membership. You can find out more about IOSH Membership here.

Once you’ve gained a level three qualification (like the NEBOSH General Certificate), you will be eligible to become a Technical Member of IOSH. You will also need two years of relevant experience, but the qualification is a great launchpad.

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So, if it’s your dream to be a Tech IOSH, you must continue your studies after your IOSH Managing Safely. You’ll be asked to join its Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme to prove your knowledge and skills are up to date.

#7. A Time Efficient Qualification

The comprehensive nature of IOSH Managing Safely, which includes health, safety, and environmental fundamentals in a single program, means you are covering a broad spectrum of knowledge in a relatively short three-day course.

This efficiency is particularly beneficial for busy managers, who can appreciate the convenience of a shorter course.

With our scheduled Managing Safely courses and virtual, classroom and online learning options, your learning can fit around varying work hours, offering a flexible way to learn.

Six Reasons NOT To Take the IOSH Managing Safely

Of course, when considering professional development courses, weighing the pros and cons is crucial to ensure it fits your career goals.

While the IOSH Managing Safely course is popular for many, it may not be the best fit for everyone. Here are six reasons why you might decide against taking the IOSH Managing Safely course:

#1. Industry Irrelevance

If your industry or job role does not prioritise health and safety, the IOSH Managing Safely course might not provide practical benefits. For example, roles in creative arts, certain IT positions, or remote work environments might not require a strong focus on health and safety management, making the course less relevant.

We happen to think that every manager in every industry should have a knowledge of Health and Safety, but we’ll let you decide.

#2. Cost

At close to £500 for a virtual or classroom-based course, the financial investment for the IOSH Managing Safely can be significant. More so when you add travel expenses and/or time away from work.

If you have a limited budget or the return on investment seems uncertain, exploring other training options might be more prudent.

#3. Time Commitment

Qualifications demand time commitment, encompassing the training sessions and the additional study time needed to pass the assessments.

If you have a busy schedule or other pressing commitments, dedicating the necessary time to this course might not be feasible.

#4. Alternative Qualifications

Healthy and Safety qualifications come in all shapes and sizes and are designed to meet specific needs. Thus, courses other than IOSH Managing Safely might better suit your specific needs or industry.

For example, the NEBOSH Construction Certificate offers construction managers a more comprehensive and contextualised health and safety qualification. As a result, it might align better with specific career aspirations and industry requirements.

IOSH Managing Safely is a generic health and safety management course, which makes it perfect for Managers who need to understand their responsibilities. To go beyond the basics while still covering general principles and legislation, you would be best considering the NEBOSH General Certificate.

#5. Limited Advanced Knowledge

For professionals already well-versed in health and safety management, the IOSH Managing Safely course might not provide advanced insights or new information.

In such cases, more specialised or higher-level courses could benefit your continued professional development more.

#6. Perceived Value by Employers

Depending on your region or industry, the IOSH Managing Safely qualification may not be valuable to employers. If the course is not widely recognised or respected in your specific field, it might not enhance your career prospects as much as expected.

Researching how the qualification is perceived in your industry can help you make a more informed decision.

When evaluating the IOSH Managing Safely course, consider your career goals, industry requirements, and personal circumstances. This will help you determine whether the course aligns with your professional development plans and is worth the investment.

What are the alternative courses to IOSH Managing Safely?

If you have health and safety experience, or have already taken the IOSH Managing Safely, you could take the NEBOSH General Certificate. It entirely depends on your experience and where you are in your career.

The real choice for general health and safety is between the IOSH Managing Safely and NEBOSH General Certificate courses. For a direct comparison, take a look at our blog on IOSH vs NEBOSH, where we take a deeper dive into the differences and merits of each.

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