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Health and Safety

Why take the IOSH Managing Safely course?

Amanda Bathory-Griffiths - Last Update: 17 Aug 2020


Begin your health and safety career

Become a health and safety leader

Enjoy your new-found confidence

Put safety first and commit to the cause

Show managers exactly what you're worth

Prove your skills are world-class

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Amanda Bathory-Griffiths

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Once you’ve got an IOSH Managing Safely certificate, your skills represent best practice health and safety from IOSH, an internationally recognised Chartered body. But the benefits extend far beyond having a certificate on your wall.

Key points:

  • The IOSH Managing Safely qualification might only be your first step in health and safety education, but it's also the first step in developing your career.
  • IOSH gives you desirable skills employers need, for example, leadership, a careful approach and the confidence to pipe up when you spot a hazard.
  • IOSH is a qualification you can proudly place at the top of your CV and shout about on LinkedIn. It's respected in every industry.

Begin your health and safety career

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A candidate with an IOSH Managing Safely qualification is distinctive. If you go on IOSH course and gain a qualification, you’re equipped to keep up with the ever-changing health and safety landscape - a critical skill every employer is looking for.

IOSH is a self-regulating Chartered body - if it says you’re qualified in health and safety, there’s no doubt.

Become a health and safety leader

The IOSH Managing Safely course gives you independent health and safety initiative. Without being prompted, you’ll identify hazards and know how to follow a precise procedure to get them under control.

You’ll refine your communication and feedback skills so that risks are managed swiftly and effectively.



Enjoy your new-found confidence 

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IOSH Managing Safely gives you courage in your convictions and a moral view on health and safety.

Your priority is the well being of everyone at work. At times, you’ll have to intervene if your staff are compromising their safety to get their job done faster, or to meet a deadline.  

Your assessment of hazard and risk represents IOSH best practice and benefits everyone involved, and you'll be confident enough to speak up and put your training into practice.

Put safety first and commit to the cause

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The IOSH Managing Safely course shows you how to put people at the heart of your health and safety work.

By keeping them safe from harm, you’ll reduce their chances of getting hurt, but also limit injury-related leave and sick days. That will give you purpose and a cause to work towards, beyond your to-do list

Show managers exactly what you're worth

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You can use Managing Safely as a fiscal management tool.

If your managers are asking you to cut your health and safety budget, or contribute commercially, ask to do the Managing Safely course. With the training you’ll:

  • Reduce the risk of liability
  • Apply processes that improve efficiency
  • Appropriately control hazards based on realistic assessment, so you’re not spending unnecessarily  

Considering risks from a commercial perspective is an impressive attribute and not one that your senior staff can ignore when your annual review rolls around.

Use what you learn to keep a record and try to add a value to it. If you can prove you saved your employer money, it'll lift you up and give you grounds to negotiate pay rises, promotions and awards.

Prove your skills are world-class

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"The IOSH Managing Safely qualification proves that you have exemplary health and safety standards,” explains our Head of Health and Safety, Luke Pitt.

“You’ll show your colleagues and managers how to spot hazards and assess and control risks the right way and when you complete the course, you’ll have an internationally recognised qualification, with a certificate to prove it."

There are various ways to take the IOSH Managing Safely, find out more.