Coaching Skills for Managers Course

During this highly engaging coaching course, you will be challenged to consider how you develop others using high impact coaching skills

What is the Coaching Skills for Managers Course?

Coaching is cited as being the most effective development tool for Managers and yet, most don’t coach. Research also tells us that most employees would like to be coached more and 'told' less, yet many receive no on the job coaching at all. One of the reasons given for not coaching is Managers often feel that they don’t have the skills. People find it hard to create new habits and yet coaching requires tools that we use every day.

This two-day programme is the perfect antidote to a lack of confidence. Highly engaging and provocative, the workshop is designed to give participants a thorough understanding of what coaching looks like and an opportunity to practice the required skills in a safe environment. This course is about practice and performance; participants are challenged to consider how they develop others, to become more self-confident and to ultimately coach more, for the good of their teams and the organisation they work for.

Who Needs a Coaching Skills Course?

This course has been purpose-designed for new, existing or aspiring Team Leaders, Supervisors and Managers who might have the following job roles:

  • Supervisor, Team Leader, Section Leader
  • Manager of individual contributors
  • Manager of Managers

If you are in a role where you are able to support a persons performance and development, then this is the course for you.

Coaching Skills for Managers Course Dates

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