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Top 20 Songs & Artists That Leaders Listen To

Matthew Channell - Last Update: 14 Jan 2021


Top 20 Most Inspirational Songs

Top 20 Most Inspirational Artists

The Top 20 Playlist on Spotify


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Matthew Channell

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Music can help inspire us to achieve great things, especially for those in leadership and management roles. We wanted to find out which songs and artists inspire and motivate leaders the most.  

To do this, we analysed over 2,500 Spotify playlists to reveal the inspirational songs and artists that leaders listen to the most. We searched Spotify to find out which songs and artists appear most in user-created playlists whose titles feature the keywords "inspirational", "motivational" and "leadership". 

If you are looking for some workout motivation or music that will get you through a hard day, we have the inspirational Spotify playlist you are looking for.


Eminem Revealed as the Most Inspiring Artist for Leaders

Rapper Eminem comes out in first place for the song "Till I Collapse". Leaders also find motivation from Eminem's other well-known hits such as "Not Afraid" and "Godzilla", which earns him the "Most Inspirational Artist for Leaders" award.

His lyrics may divide some, but this study proves that Eminem has the right ingredients in his music to inspire and motivate leaders to achieve greatness. The following lyrics from "Till I Collapse" really captures the essence of motivation, inspiration and leadership. 

"This is your moment, and every single minute you spend
Tryna hold on to it because you may never get it again."

Till I Collapse, Eminem


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Want to get inspired? Listen to the Top 20 Inspirational Songs here:


  • The online tool, Playlist Miner, was utilised to find the most common songs present in user-generated public playlists containing the keywords "motivational", "inspirational" and "leadership".
  • All results are correct as of January 2021
  • To produce an overall league table of popularity, the resultant lists were combined and the playlist occurrences totalled.

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