ILM Level 5 in Coaching and Mentoring

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Course Overview

The ILM Level 5 in Coaching and Mentoring in Management course is ideal for managers with significant responsibility for coaching and mentoring. 

Who is this Course For?

Managers and supervisors.

What Does This Course Cover?

Topics covered in this course include:

The Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring in Management is made up of three mandatory units which enable participants to understand, develop and demonstrate knowledge and skills in workplace coaching and mentoring:

Unit 1: Understanding how management coaching and mentoring can benefit individuals and organisations (D5.01)

  • In the first mandatory unit participants explore the characteristics of effective coaches and mentors, going on to present a business case for using coaching or mentoring in their organisation

Unit 2: Reviewing own ability as a management coach or mentor (D5.02)

  • In the second unit participants review their own ability as a management coach or mentor, exploring their ethical and moral views as well as communication skills

Unit 3: Undertaking management coaching or mentoring in the workplace (D5.03)

  • During the final mandatory unit participants plan and deliver a short coaching or mentoring programme in line with their organisational, divisional or team goals

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course delegates will be able to:

  • Explain the characteristics of effective coaches and mentors, and coaching and mentoring programmes
  • Present a business case for using coaching or mentoring in own organisation
  • Review the effect of own value systems and ability to deal with performance problems on own coaching and mentoring behaviour
  • Review own ability to communicate effectively and to use available networks to support coaching and mentoring practice
  • Agree a short management coaching or mentoring programme based on identified developmental needs and goals
  • Plan, deliver and review own management coaching or mentoring practice
  • Improve own management coaching or mentoring practice to through reflection and review

How is this Course Assessed?

Assessments for units 1 – work-based assignment

Unit 2 & 3 – coaching/mentoring diary

What are the Next Steps After This Course?

There are an array of ILM Certificates, Awards and Diplomas to pursue, which expand your coaching, leadership and management abilities. There are seven levels to work through.

  •  Level 2 – For Team Leaders and Team Supervisors
  • Level 3 – For Junior Managers, First Line Managers and Supervisors
  • Level 4/5 – Middle Managers Level 6/7
  • Senior Managers and Directors of smaller organisations
  • Level 7 – Senior Leaders, CEO’s and Directors of large divisions

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