Flexible Skills Programme: 50% Funding for Training Courses in Wales

Businesses in Wales, you could be getting 50% off training courses

Welsh Government Logo - Dragon As part of the Flexible Skills Programme, businesses across Wales can benefit from Welsh Government’s flexible skill funding to train their employees. The funding covers training that brings increased revenue, productivity, and efficiency to your organisation.

TSW is working with businesses to keep costs down, by helping them apply for this funding.

How much can you claim on the Flexible Skills Programme?

All approved training courses will attract a 50% contribution towards the total eligible costs from the Welsh Government.

The payment will be made in arrears subject to the provision of the necessary evidence that:

  • Confirms full course attendance and/or completion
  • Training providers have been paid for the training attended

Is My Business Eligible for Flexible Skills Funding?

In order to access flexible skills funding your business must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be based in Wales
  • Must be solvent
  • Must commit to release staff to undertake the requested training in the allowes timeframe
  • Training must advance individuals’ learning in at least one of the fuandable areas
  • Training must improve business capability or capacity

It is important to note that funding awards are discretionary with final eligibility decisions made by the Welsh Government.

What training courses are available through TSW?

The training courses available under the flexible skills funding offer include:

Plenty more options are available to help fill skills gaps within your team. Contact us today to discuss your training and funding needs. 

How TSW Training Can Help

With 60 years of experience in the industry, we’re adept at supporting funding applications to ensure your full entitlement and ensure you are getting the training you really need. Here’s how we will support you:

  • Identify organisational training needs through our diagnostic process
  • Identify courses and qualifications that would be relevant under the Flexible Skills training fund
  • Helping you to develop a structured training plan, with a schedule of training to meet your training needs and budgets
  • Provide all supporting information for your wider business application, including course content, prices, and learning objectives
  • Advise you on the successful completion of the necessary application paperwork
  • Working closely with you to schedule training around your organisational needs

Our Flexible Skills Experience

Local businesses have relied on TSW for decades; we support them in accessing funding, removing barriers to workforce development, and allowing participants to expand their horizons.

Welsh businesses should definitely take advantage of this flexible skills opportunity. Now is the perfect time to upskill your team and fill any skills gaps you’ve uncovered within your workforce. Flexible skills funding aims to support significant employer-led projects that drive business expansion and investment that leads to high quality job creation”

Gareth Harris, Director of Corporate Relations.

The financial support available from the Welsh Government can help support your team’s continuing professional development, teach them new skills, and increase their job opportunities within their industry.

A success story in Treherbet: Everest Case Study

When Everest Windows in Treherbet, South Wales, was brought out of administration during the COVID-19 pandemic, it was clear that something had to change to keep the business afloat.

Using the 50% funding opportunity, Plant Manager Jim Collins worked with us to proceed with the application process. They implemented training that would help the team to work in a more streamlined manner.

The training included upskilling employees in management development, leadership, and lean manufacturing principles. This resulted in a highly engaged workforce that could work together effectively.

“Straightaway, we saw 66% productivity improvement,” Collins said. “That was an expectation of £280,000 a week…going to over £400,000. Better flow and a more engaged workforce.”

Based on the benefits the business has felt, Everest Windows is working with TSW Training on future programmes to develop the staff and improve company revenue even further.

Flexible Skills Funding is Now Available

Welsh companies that want to take advantage of the flexible skills funding pot should contact us to discuss options for their learning programmes.

The team can walk you through the application process and ensure you get the right training to suit your business needs.

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