PLA Funding

Studying part-time can be a great option if you need to fit a qualification around your job and home life. PLA funding from the Welsh Government could help you to progress in your current industry or take your career in a new direction.

What is PLA funding?

Personal Learning Accounts (PLA) give learners in Wales the opportunity to study on a part-time, flexible basis, as long as they meet a set of criteria.

Fully-funded by the Welsh Government, the programme can help you to gain qualifications while you’re working so that you can learn and earn at the same time.

The certifications you achieve can help you to progress, or even change your career path entirely.

You’ll learn through a college in Wales and your sessions could take place in person or online. 

How does it work? 

You’ll need to apply for PLA funding from the Welsh Government, who will send the money for your course to your training provider. Our team have helped plenty of learners and employers to receive PLA funding and they’ll be happy to guide you through the process too.

Whether you’re looking for PLA funding for yourself or your team, we’ll make sure you’ve filled out all the correct forms and are getting the support you’re entitled to.

Use the contact form below to register your interest for PLA funding Click Here

Am I eligible for PLA funding?

There are certain criteria you must meet to be eligible for PLA funding.

You must meet the essential three:

  • You must live in Wales
  • You must be over 19 years old
  • You want to study a course in a priority sector

Plus, you also have to meet at least one of these:

  • You’re employed/self-employed and earning under £29,534 annually
  • You’ve been furloughed or are currently on furlough (including if you’ve had access to the UK Government’s Job Support Scheme) 
  • You work for an agency
  • You’re at risk of being made redundant
  • You work on a zero-hours contract
  • You’re employed in a sector that’s been affected financially by the economy e.g. Covid or Brexit

You won’t be accepted for PLA funding if you:

  • Are unemployed
  • Are under 19 when your course starts 
  • Go to school or college full time
  • Are in full time higher education
  • Are in Welsh Government’s Work-Based Learning
  • Aren’t an eligible overseas national 
  • Are receiving an Assembly Learning Grant or Education Maintenance Allowance

What TSW Training courses are available? 

There are a number of qualifications you can complete with TSW Training, using PLA funding. You can only apply for one course at a time however you can apply again after completing a course.


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How it can benefit you chevron

PLA funding gives you the opportunity to gain qualifications in an entirely new profession or move up the ladder in the sector you’re in.

Adding qualifications to your CV can also help employers see that you’re committed to your learning and development, as they’ll take note of the training you’ve completed.

Some sectors require you to have certain qualifications before you can work within the industry – for instance, health and social care - so having the right certifications under your belt will be essential. PLA funding can help you to achieve these by giving you paid-for and flexible training. 

How it can benefit your business chevron

If you have team members you’re eager to train, PLA funding could help you to develop their skills.

There are a range of qualifications available which offer courses for people at different levels of the business. You could use the funding to train staff from entry-level positions right up to specialist roles.

Having these extra skills in your team can make your employees happier, give them a higher level of job satisfaction, and increase their confidence at work.

How to apply chevron

Contact us using the form below we’ll put you in contact with one of our advisors who will be by your side throughout the application process.

You’ll be given support and guidance throughout, so you have the best possible chance of receiving the funding you need.