ReAct Funding

ReAct+ is a funding scheme provided by the Welsh Government for anyone who’s facing redundancy and lives in Wales.

React Funding: Financial support if you’re made redundant

ReAct funding (or React Plus), provided by the Welsh Government, is for anyone that is facing redundancy and lives in Wales.

It’s a grant that funds qualifications and courses to aid your personal development, allowing you to bring your skills up-to-date and add valuable qualifications to your CV.

Key Fact

ReAct awards up to £1,500 to fund your training, getting you the qualifications and skills you need to find your next job.

You can split the funding between numerous courses and it can help you cover expenses while you train, like childcare and travel, if you need extra support.

All you have to do is chat to an adviser at Careers Wales who’ll discuss your options, complete your funding paperwork and put you in touch with a training provider – that’s where we come in.

Eligibility for React Funding

ReAct+ funding comes with some eligibility criteria. Firstly, you must be aged 20 or over, be a resident in Wales and have a right to live and work in the UK.

On top of that, you must also meet ONE of the following:

  • Aged 20 or over and under formal notice of redundancy or
  • Aged 20 or over and your job has been made redundant in the last 6 months or
  • Aged 20 or over and are an ex-offender or an offender serving a community sentence

Funding Available To You Through ReAct+

All support provided through the ReAct scheme is tailored to you and your situation. The aim is always to get you back into employment in the shortest timeframe possible.

Of course, ReAct+ can provide you with a grant of up to £1,500, which can be used for training courses. In addition, it can also support you with:

  • Up to £2,100 to support with any childcare/care costs you incure during your training
  • Up to £200 of extra support towards costs such as travel and accommodation, that are related to course attendance

Find a specialist ReAct training provider

There are a number of training providers helping the Welsh Government and Careers Wales to deliver the ReAct retraining programme. We specialise in certain industries and topics, so when you’re shopping around for the right course, make sure you book with the right training provider too. 

If you train with us, we’ll strengthen your skills in our areas of expertise:

  • Leadership and management
  • Health and safety
  • Environmental management
  • Business skills
  • Education and training
  • Customer service
  • Quality management 

Why book a ReAct course with TSW?

We’re a trusted and established training provider. We’ve guided learners to meet and exceed their career goals for more than 50 years. Our expertise and experience put us in a prime position to help hundreds of workers who’ve been made redundant. 

Learners recommend us for our chosen awarding bodies, people and one-to-one service.  Our whole team is poised to help you from the moment you’re put on notice of redundancy. They’ll direct you towards market-leading qualifications that make your CV competitive in the job market and give you the confidence to get back to work. 

We promise that our course theory will translate to your new workplace. Learning transfer is at the heart of everything we do. That means your newly found skills are best practice, relevant, noticeable, impressive and impactful.

How can I access the Welsh Government’s ReAct fund?

1. Call Careers Wales on 0800 028 4844 and make an appointment

Once you’re booked in, all you need to do is turn up for a chat. It’s a collaboration designed to get you where you want to go.

You’ll have one-to-one support from a specialist guidance adviser, who’ll help you look at your CV, discuss your work experience and map out your career ahead.

They’ll advise which courses you’d benefit from and you can tell them which skills you’d like to develop.

2. Help Careers Wales to fill out your application

Next up, you’ll apply to the Welsh Government to access the £1,500 grant. Careers Wales fills out the forms on your behalf based on what you want to do and what’s discussed in your meeting.

You won’t get bogged down filling out pages of complicated questions, so don’t let a bit of admin put you off applying.

3. Pick who you want to deliver your course

There are a number of training providers that are ready to deliver courses through the ReAct retraining programme. We’re one of them!

If you like the look of our courses, or perhaps you’ve worked with one of our trainers before and enjoy learning with us, tell us you’ve secured the grant and which course you want to do. We’ll save you a place.

4. The Welsh Government pays your course fees

We liaise directly with Careers Wales and the Welsh Government, so the billing process happens completely behind the scenes. You can just relax into your course, focus on learning and getting back into the job market.

Check our reviews

We ask all our learners to evaluate their experience via independent course evaluation and review software provider, You can read their reviews, with a regularly updated course star rating, to see a fair and unbiased picture of what to expect.

Your ReAct retraining experience

Steve, Rob and Sara all have very different working backgrounds, but all three came to TSW shortly after being made redundant to retrain. Watch their inspirational stories to help you make a decision about your path ahead. 

After a career in management spanning 20 years, ReAct gave Rob the ideal opportunity to develop new qualifications.

Employed at a leading supermarket from the age of 19, Rob worked his way up the career ladder to senior management level, when he was made redundant.

After discovering ReAct, Rob chose to gain new qualifications in BTEC, TAQA and IOSH, before setting up his own business.

View Our Education and Training Courses

Learn how Sara up-skilled for a new job after being made redundant.

Sara had previously worked within the housing sector as a service improvement officer for over 20 years before she was faced with redundancy.

A colleague recommended ReAct to Sara and following advice from Careers Wales, she decided to undertake an ILM 5 course with TSW. She is now employed as an Assistant Project Manager.

View Our Leadership and Management Courses

Find out how Steve went from redundancy and no qualifications to owning his own Health and Safety business.

Previously a groundworker with no qualifications, when Steve found out he was facing redundancy, he faced an uncertain future.

After hearing about ReAct through his employer, Steve visited Careers Wales before deciding to undertake NEBOSH qualifications with TSW and develop a new career in the water and gas industry.

Learn About Our Health and Safety Courses

Funding for multiple courses

The ReAct funding could support you through more than one training course. One of our learners, Melanie Spencer, joined our IOSH Managing Safely, BTEC Level 3 and ILM Level 3 courses following Careers Wales’ assessment and recommendations.

After the training, she went on to secure a new role at a new company.

“I just wanted to thank you and your staff at TSW for all the support over the last few months. I am really grateful for your recommendations, course-wise. The three courses I attended were a perfect fit for me and I was super impressed by the standard of all the trainers involved. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend TSW to anyone looking for a training facilitator.”

Training for a career change

Redundancy can be your new beginning. With the help of Careers Wales and TSW, you can have the chance to think about your career under the guidance of training specialists.

We can help you realise what you really want from your job and where you want to be in the future.

If you want a career change, we can build your training programme around that, or we can strengthen your existing skills.

One of our health and safety ReAct learners, Geraint Jenkins, saw an opportunity to reflect on his career so far and pursue the areas that he really enjoyed 

“On being made redundant from my position of Parks Manager with a local authority, I took time to think about the parts of the job that I enjoyed. I played a major role in the department’s health and safety group which was responsible for risk assessments, safe systems of work, compiling the staff safety handbook and training staff.

“I spoke to Careers Wales to find out what opportunities were available to develop my options for a career in health and safety, and add knowledge to my current training portfolio in land-based subjects. I was able to secure funding via REACT and enrolled myself on to a NEBOSH General Certificate training at TSW”

Get the right support 

As well as working closely with the Welsh Government and Careers Wales to help you access funding, we also have supportive redundancy articles and guides focused on assertiveness, communication and confidence. Read more:

ReAct Funding FAQ’s

Am I eligible for ReAct funding?

Support under the ReAct scheme is available for individuals who live in Wales and you:

  • Became unemployed in the last three months as a result of redundancy
  • Are currently unemployed
  • Have not been in continuous employment for six weeks or more since being made redundant
  • Are currently under notice of redundancy; and
  • Have not undertaken any publicly funded training since being made redundant, including the work-based learning suite of programmes.

What support is available?

Under the ReAct scheme, the following financial support is available:

  • Up to £1,500 towards the cost of training
  • Help with the costs of travelling to and from training courses
  • Overnight accommodation costs (where suitable and necessary)
  • A contribution towards childcare costs whilst training
  • Help with the cost of equipment for individuals with a learning difficulty, disability, or a work-limiting health condition

Can the fund be split across multiple courses?

Yes, the ReAct find will pay up to £1,500 and can be used to fund a number of different courses.

How to pick a training course

The right course and training programme will give you confidence that you can do your job well. Or, give you a strong springboard to start a completely new career.

Try to think about what you enjoyed doing at work. You could enhance the aspects of the last job you really liked, or choose to study something completely different.

Read our training and redundancy guide to help you pick a course, but Careers Wales can help you make an informed choice.

Am I eligible for ReAct if I’m made redundant while on maternity, paternity or shared leave?

Yes. Your eligibility is based purely on the criteria described above and doesn’t take into account whether you were claiming statutory pay when you were made redundant. 

Can I access ReAct if I have savings?

Yes. The ReAct fund isn’t means-tested, so whether you have a bank vault with your name on, or a modest piggy bank in the drawer, you’re eligible for the fund.

Will the ReAct grant affect my redundancy benefits?

No. The grant isn’t awarded based on any other income. If you’re claiming redundancy pay and/or you’ve been awarded a payout because you were employed by the same employer for two years or more, it won’t affect the ReAct funding programme.

How soon can I apply for ReAct after being made redundant?

Straightaway! Call Careers Wales on 0800 028 4844 and get your appointment booked.

How many TSW courses are covered by ReAct?

All of our accredited courses are covered by the ReAct fund, up to the value of £1,500.

ReAct+ For Employers

Employers considering new hires may be eligible for wage assistance if the candidate:

  • Is over 20 years old, resides in Wales, and is disabled (including those with physical impairments, neurodivergence, and mental health conditions), and
  • Is either under formal notice of redundancy or has been made redundant within the past 6 months.

Candidates must not have been employed for 6 weeks or more post-redundancy before the application. Additionally, employment must not commence until the support is officially sanctioned.

Available Employer Support:

Under ReAct+, qualifying employers may receive a subsidy of up to £4000 towards the first year’s wages of the new hire.

The job in question must:

  • Be at least 16 hours per week,
  • Offer at least the national minimum wage,
  • Be expected to last for a minimum of 12 months,
  • Not be financed by other government funds.

Employers will forfeit ReAct+ support if the candidate begins work prior to approval of the support package or if the candidate has been employed for 6 weeks or more since redundancy before the application.

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