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Author Name: John Moulton

Job Title: Engineering Route Manager

Education and Experience: 

He’s developed award-winning engineers, including FSG’s Kodie Higgins, who won Gold in the Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Milling category at Skills Competition Wales in 2021.

Areas of Expertise: 

He coaches constructors, designers, builders, inventors and problem-solvers through their engineering apprenticeships


John says:

“The diversity of engineering is reflected in the numerous apprenticeship specialisms you can sign up for. In Wales, you can start an engineering apprenticeship at Level 2, and work your way up to degree level 5.

“There several pathways in engineering, not just under the different branches of civil, mechanical, chemical and mechnical engineer, but the units within them. We’ll support to find a path you’ll feel excited about and be accomplished in.”

John Moulton's Blog Posts