Pullmaflex's middle managers joined our IOSH Managing Safely course to deal with the health and safety challenges in their role and address the wider health and safety requirements of the business.

Who is Pullmaflex? 

Pullmaflex UK Limited manufactures seating support and comfort systems for the automotive industry. It’s owned by Leggett & Platt, an organisation that conceives, designs, and produces an array of products found in most homes, offices, and vehicles. 

It has a turnover of $5.5 billion and employs 33,000 people in 300 locations in 20 countries.  

Pullmaflex’ training challenges 

Pullmaflex wanted to upskill its middle managers to improve its health and safety culture in the workplace.  

Its internal training team recognised the skills and knowledge gap, and wanted a training course that would: 

  • Give Pullmaflex managers and supervisors an understanding of everyone’s health and safety responsibilities in the workplace 
  • Enable managers and supervisors to influence, control and monitor risk to improve safety and health issues in the workplace 
  • Understand hazards and risks, including how to assess, reduce and control risks in the workplace 
  • How to conduct effective risk assessments and incident investigations 
  • Effectively communicate health and safety responsibilities with the workforce 
  • How to measure performance in health and safety 

The training managers wanted an experienced trainer they knew and could trust to fulfil their criteria.  

Our training diagnosis and recommendations 

We worked with Pullmaflex’s middle managers to deliver an IOSH Managing Safely course that: 

  • Dealt with the health and safety challenges specific to their role 
  • Addressed the wider health and safety requirements of the business 

IOSH Managing Safely tackled both these requirements as a level two health and safety certificate, that focuses on hazard perception and risk assessment. It helps managers work safely in a high-risk environment.  

Pullmaflex’ managers would learn to monitor and record accidents and apply risk management techniques to make their workplace a safer place to be. 

The results 

We were able to address Pullmaflex’s health and safety challenges with the IOSH Managing Safely course 

Its human resources manager explained: “We have used TSW previously and found that both the service and knowledge of the consultant was excellent.” 

After the training, there was an increased awareness of health and safety accountability and the purpose of risk assessments for all attendees. 

“Managers now have a better understanding of health and safety risks, responsibilities and the importance of 'why' so they can communicate to their direct reports,” they said. “The training met our objectives.”  

We were also able to give them consistency with a trainer they knew and trusted. 

“Using the same organisation for a variety of training helps the trainer relate to our business. 

“Having the same training provider builds trust between our managers and the trainer. The trainer can provide business-related examples which the delegates can both buy into and understand.”