George Savva Portrait Image - TSW Trainer

George Savva - TSW Trainer Profile

George is communications pecialist. With a contagious enthusiasm, George always gets the best out of a room full of people.

About George

George Savva is a highly trained and experienced manager, marketer and sales professional who spent many years ‘in the trenches’ crafting his approach to communication.

A trainer, mentor, coach, and facilitator since 1998,  he learned his trade originally with two organisations:

  • A Smoking Cessation Training Service (1988) and;
  • The Dale Carnegie Organisation (1992 – 2004)


George is a standout trainer with expertise in Leadership and Management, Communications, Sales and Customer Service, Emotional Intelligence, and Time Management.

Presentation and Public Speaking Skills; Train the Trainer; DiSC Profiling & applications

George specialises in ‘clear communications’ because he believes they are fundamental in all daily interactions.

Training and Coaching Style

Goerge is a one-of-a-kind facilitator; his ability to engage an audience while ensuring they retain knowledge is unparalleled.

Regarding training and coaching, George adopts two styles: facilitative and instructional.

His facilitative style is used when the learners are familiar with the content and focuses on helping learners think differently. On the other hand, his instructional style is used when learners are unfamiliar with the content.

Notable Qualifications and Licenses

  • BSc (Hons) obtained at The University of Wales
  • Qualified Dale Carnegie Trainer obtained with Dale Carnegie Training 1992 through 2004;
  • Formerly DiSC Profiling Qualified with a Company in a program known as ‘A Room Full of Gems’

Notable Organisations George Has Worked With

  • GE Aerospace – Train the Trainer Training
  • Solvay – Communications and Customer Service Excellence
  • Gillette (SA) – Presentations and Public Speaking Skills
  • Toyota (SA) – Presentations and Public Speaking Skills
  • The BBI Group – Train-the-Trainer; Communications; Assertiveness
  • Smart Metering Solutions – Management Development Programme over eight modules