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Author Name: Sue Hampson

Job Title: Business Services Training Advisor for ILM Leadership and Management

Education and Experience: 

Sue has worked at TSW Training Apprenticeships as its Business Services Training Advisor for ILM Leadership and Management since 2018. She’s a highly experienced NVQ assessor, with a background in adult education tutoring.

Areas of Expertise: 

Sue is TSW Training Apprenticeships’ Time to Change Wellbeing Champion. On the TSW blog, Sue writes about leadership and management techniques, considering worker mental health and work load management, aiming to increase happiness and fulfilment.


Sue says:

Wellbeing is a key theme for every apprenticeship in Wales. I took the Time To Change pledge and became a TSW Wellbeing Champion to challenge the stigma around mental health at work, encouraging open and honest conversations. Sometimes people who struggle with their mental health are trying to take on too much. If you feel like you’re spinning too many plates and don’t have enough time to manage it all, I can help you overcome those challenges.”

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“Sue was my tutor for my ILM level 5 qualification, Sue was incredibly supportive. She was able to add some colour to what could have been same very bland topics. Sue was able to use her previous experience to teach around the subject, she was also exceptional at looking at the activities you do as part of your role and how you can use them to help support your qualification.”

– Jonathan Williams, ILM Level 5 apprentice

“I was lucky to have Sue as a trainer – forever grateful.”

– Sara Taylor, apprentice

“I would never have got through the course without you.”

– Joline Morgan, apprentice

Sue Hampson's Blog Posts

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