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How much does IOSH Managing Safely cost?

Luke Pitt - Last Update: 10 Jan 2020


What's the average price of an IOSH Managing Safely course?

How much is a virtual IOSH Managing Safely course?

How much does it cost for in-house IOSH Managing Safely training?

Will tailoring the course affect the price?

The course is usually priced per person

How do IOSH Managing Safely providers set their prices?

How to pick the right training provider

The IOSH Managing Safely course cost varies between providers and regions around the UK, but you may end up paying over the odds if you don’t do your research.

The cost of the qualification is fixed, but the price goes up and down, depending on the provider you book with and where you live in the UK.

Key points:

  1. The price of our IOSH Managing Safely ranges from £199 to £499 + VAT depending on whether you take e-learning, classroom or virtual course
  2. The average price of an IOSH Managing Safely course is £495 according to the British Council
  3. Some courses fall way below the average range, whereas others far surpass it. Look carefully at what the fee includes - if it excludes exam and certificate fees, parking, and WiFi, or you have to travel a long way to get the training, you may end up paying over the odds

What’s the average price of classroom-based IOSH Managing Safely?

According to the British Safety Council, the price of IOSH Managing Safely course ranges from £495 to £595 + VAT. Your certificate fees might not be included in the price.

The average price of IOSH Managing Safely in South Glamorgan and surprisingly, London, both fell under the British Council’s expected lower threshold of £495.

The IOSH Managing Safely course is maintained and quality controlled by IOSH, so you can expect the same course and materials wherever you take it. The difference in price is directly related to how the course is delivered.

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How much is a virtual IOSH Managing Safely course?

Virtual learning is a popular option for learners sheltering from classroom-based learning in the wake of COVID-19. They combine the live experience of the classroom, with the supportive learning environment sported by some e-learning platforms.

Our brand new virtual IOSH Managing Safely course is £499 +VAT.

The fee covers:

  • Live training sessions with your trainer and classmates
  • Exclusive live chatroom open only to your cohort, so you can ask questions and discuss the course content together
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Videos
  • The trainer's PowerPoint presentations, guides and fact sheets
  • Short software tutorial videos and a support email address
  • Extra reading lists and supporting media
  • Help, guidance and support in the lead up to your assessment

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How much is an in-house IOSH Managing Safely course?

You'll pay a flat day rate for the course delivery, plus the £35 registration fee, per head. That covers the trainer, their expenses, the course materials, the exams and certificate, all in. 

The in-house IOSH Managing Safely course content and materials are identical to ones you'd get at the training centre.

If you have a large number of employees who need the training urgently, this is one of the easiest ways to get it done - all you have to do is book a room for three days, invite your team and the trainer does the rest.

That could be the most economic option if you have a large number of people that need to do the training. 

Will tailoring the course affect the price?

Yes. How much it costs depends on the scope of the redesign, but it's usually a flat day rate to cover the cost of consultation and redesigning the course materials.

Your unique IOSH Managing Safely course is built to tackle your specific health and safety challenges, but getting it to meet your exact brief requires your expertise, time and attention as well as ours.

You'll need to tell us about the issues you're facing, what's working well and what isn't, plus lots of real-world examples we can use during the training to emphasise how IOSH principles can be applied to your workplace.

The course is usually priced per person

You can place multiple members of staff on an open IOSH Managing Safely course. You'll usually pay a set fee per person, plus VAT.

An open course won't be exclusive to your team, usually people from other businesses and members of the public will be on the course as well.

If you're concerned about privacy, or your team sharing specific examples of their health and safety challenges, please get in touch and we'll explore other delivery methods.

If you book an IOSH course with us, the maximum number of people who'll be on the course is about 20. 

How do IOSH Managing Safely training providers set their prices?

There are several factors which can influence the price, including:

Your venue of choice: A high-spec learning environment will cost more to hire. Your trainer’s experience.

Your trainer’s experience: The consultant that leads the course may command a higher fee if they’re an expert in their field with many years of experience.

The number of people on your course: If you’re booking with a smaller provider, a smaller group will put up the price of your course.

The date of the course shouldn’t affect how much you’ll pay, however.

How to pick the right training provider

It’s likely one of your main sticking-points is the price, so if a provider is veering towards the top end of your budget, or offering a rock bottom price, look at how suitable the course is for your needs.

Is the course convenient for you?

Choose a venue that’s easy to get to.

The average price doesn’t change too much, so the right IOSH Managing Safely course is one that’s near you with excellent reviews.

Traffic jams, long journeys, and delayed and cancelled trains are stressful starts to the day, so check the route before you book.

If the course is cheap, but you’ve got to travel a long way to get to it, think about whether the accommodation, fuel, and meal costs are worthwhile.

The venue is as important as the learning itself

A comfortable learning environment sets you up for success, so think about the parking, furnishings and spaces you’ll be working in for three days.

Is there free and fast WiFi? Is the in-house technology sophisticated enough to deliver the interactive assets IOSH has included in the course?

You'll be driven to distraction if you're watching the rain drip through a leaky roof.

Find a training provider that has excellent reviews

Can they prove that their course is worth the money? Look out for customer case studies, pass rates and star ratings.

Most importantly, don't compromise. If you find a training provider that has the expertise you want, at a price you like, find a date that works for you and get it booked in.

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